National Boss’s Day: 4 Ways to Be a Great Boss Today and All Year Long


Boss’s Day, also known as National Boss Day, is Thursday, October 16th. Dedicated to all employers, National Boss Day is meant to improve the relationship between employers and their staff. Although there are tips for winning over your boss and tips for celebrating the holiday, the day … [Read more...]

The Cost of Picking from the Wrong Inventory Bin


Whether you’ve built the latest, high-tech, data-driven warehouse fulfillment center or just set-up a few plastic totes in your garage, accurately delivering a customer’s purchase is crucial.  Being right 99% of the time seems like a pretty solid percentage—until you calculate what that 1% actually … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Education Needs Mobile Asset Tracking


There’s no doubt that mobile devices are changing the way today’s students learn—in fact, over half of students (60%) use mobile devices for anytime research, according to the 2013 Speak Up Survey from Project Tomorrow.  However, that isn’t the only way mobile technology can make a difference in the … [Read more...]

Barcode: Happy 62nd Birthday!


The anniversary of the barcode’s patent is October 7—making today the barcode’s birthday.  From adding items to a gift registry to scanning products for purchase, barcodes are an integral part of the shopping and sales process. However, in the modern world, barcodes are also used for a number of … [Read more...]

Painless Inventory Management


Many business owners receive the same voiced complaint about their companies—whether they are large or small—the lack of accurate inventory tracking. To succeed, all businesses must know how much inventory is needed and ensure they aren’t carrying either too much or too little stock. Unfortunately, … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Increase Cash Flow


Virtually all small business owners struggle with issues of working capital and cash flow, especially in rapidly growing companies. Although many companies finance growth by borrowing funds to increase their Free Cash Flow (FCF), this approach does have drawbacks. Long-term financing can negatively … [Read more...]

5 Asset Management Best Practices


Managing fixed assets is a challenge that grows exponentially as your company grows. If you've been charged with tracking fixed assets, you'll find that you need to be exceptionally conscientious and dedicated. As you undoubtedly know, any challenges in fixed asset tracking could potentially lead to … [Read more...]

Small Businesses: Using Virtual Inventory to Compete with Amazon


As a consumer, you love the low prices and the vast inventory Amazon offers on a daily basis. On the other hand, if you are a small business, Amazon's enormous warehousing strategies place a large hurdle in your company's path to success. Most small businesses have little choice but to be drawn … [Read more...]

Three Ways to Reduce Inventory Cost


Inventory cost is defined as the cost of holding goods in stock. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your inventory cost, chances are you’re stocking too much inventory. Too much on-hand inventory increases your storage costs—thus your cost of goods sold—and ties up liquid cash. Here are three … [Read more...]

How Investing in Barcodes Saves Money


World Class Controls in the Palm of Your Hand Big box stores, Internet giants, logistic companies, and freight handlers control each step of their operation. By using real-time data they can improve capacity, inventory control, track assets, and increase efficiency. Small to mid-size businesses are … [Read more...]