2D Barcode Scanners: Increased Efficiency


A 2D Barcode scanner can save your business time and money while avoiding costly manual data entry errors. By rapidly and accurately scanning 2D barcodes and QR codes, you can associate products, images, definitional codes, and easily load and update the status of individual inventory items. Barcode … [Read more...]

Hitting the Numbers: Make Your Fixed-Asset Turnover Ratio Shine


Growing a profitable business is both challenging and rewarding. Closing a big sale or introducing a new product can be energizing. However, it is the back office and financials that often separate strong companies from those who merely struggle to survive. When it comes to financial management, … [Read more...]

3 ways small businesses can keep up with Amazon


Current shopping and delivery trends have spoiled consumers. It’s no longer acceptable to wait weeks for a purchase to arrive from a company after buying. Instead, customers expect products to arrive within days. Luckily, there are resources available to help small businesses ship products to … [Read more...]

Capital & Revenue Expenditures: Optimizing Asset Tracking


New entrepreneurs and those interested in asset tracking, require an in-depth understanding of various small-business expenditures; including their uses and their drawbacks. Revenue and capital expenditures are different aspects of a similar field, and those armed with the appropriate knowledge may … [Read more...]

Asset Tracking: Improving the Customer Service Experience


There's nothing worse for a business than customers experiencing bad customer service. While solid asset tracking is its own reward, it can also leave your customers with a positive impression of your business. Solid asset tracking ensures you always know where your assets are, can identify any loss … [Read more...]

Barcodes and the Internet of Things

barcodes internet of things thumb

The latest technology trend is no longer knowing about or having the latest phone or tablet. Nowadays though, if you are in technology-focused industry, you may have heard buzz around the term Internet of Things (IoT). Do you actually know what it means? We explain what the term means, how it can … [Read more...]

Managing Assets & Inventory: Mid-Year Check-In


Like personal resolutions, it’s important to not only set goals for your business, but also to check in on your progress and hold yourself, your team, and your business accountable. As we close out Q2, now is the ideal time to reflect on goals set at the beginning of the year and make necessary … [Read more...]

Creative and Unique Uses for QR Codes


Creative and Unique Uses for QR Codes The more creative your QR code, the more likely you’ll create engagement between your message and consumers. The following companies successfully used QR codes in both inventive and creative ways to connect and educate their purchasing audience. How do QR … [Read more...]

Preventative Maintenance on Fixed Assets: A Great Return on Investment


In most industries, operational effectiveness depends on a major investment in fixed assets such as vehicles, specialty tools and machinery, custom equipment, and other mechanical devices. Shown on the balance sheets as fixed assets, these items can represent a large portion of a company’s … [Read more...]

100+ Creative Barcode Labels

Creative Barcode Tree

The Most Creative Barcodes How many barcodes do you see on a daily basis and completely disregard?  Scanning my desk as I write this article, I conservatively estimate there are 50+ barcodes & a dozen or more QR codes within view.  I am not only referencing the tissues, the pack of gum, or … [Read more...]