Smart HR: Interviewing for the Best Fit


Earlier in the week we discussed how to avoid turnover. We shared insights into your team members' motivation and morale. You might be ready to grow your team, but are you interviewing for the best fit? Read on to find out. Bringing on a new employee is one of the most important … [Read more...]

Smart HR: What Causes Turnover?


I’m asked this question a lot.  Let’s examine some of the issues surrounding attrition. Turnover is the result of only two things; unfortunately, they are big pillars and many factors go into them.  The first is a poor company culture; the second is a poor total rewards package (TR).  Yes, if … [Read more...]

Smart HR: Employee Motivation and Team Morale


What motivates you? Humans are often motivated by things like achievement, affiliation, and power. The better you understand and cater to the unique needs of each individual on your team, the better your chances for collective success. As a leader, doing what is right for your people and your … [Read more...]

Drill or hole? What are they buying – and what are you selling?


A guy walks into a hardware store and says to the clerk, “I need a drill.” Clerk says, “Well, not really. You want to make a hole.” If you’re in retail and your customer comes in and says, “I need a drill,” or “I want a drill,” or “Where are the drills?” you, the salesperson, begin some … [Read more...]

Creating an internal sales mastermind to make more sales.


Calls not getting returned? Prospects telling you your price is too high? Prospective customers asking for three bids? Unable to get to the real decision maker? Do you think you’re the ONLY salesperson facing these issues? Come on, really now?! My bet is every one of your colleagues has … [Read more...]

60th anniversary of the barcode


The barcode is a fundamental part of how we obtain goods — from scanning items for price comparisons, adding goods to a wish lists and checking out purchased products. We use barcode scanners on a daily basis, but have you ever asked yourself how the barcode came to be? Would you believe that the … [Read more...]

When a Small Business Should Use a Recruiter


For small businesses without Human Resources (HR), it’s often difficult to know when to employ a recruiter. While HR does much more than recruiting, in many instances, a smaller company’s primary HR need is the acquisition of talent in order to perform at its best and grow. One of the solutions … [Read more...]

Why Maintaining a Business Plan is Important


Before you even begin to start your new business, a plan must be created for several reasons such as, investment opportunities, to keep your business on accountable and a list of true objectives.   A list of goals, whether quarterly, annually or weekly will keep your company in line, while an … [Read more...]

The Future of Barcode Technology Part 2: 2D and QR codes

The Future of Barcode Technology

[bitsontherun gz2hkv1Q]As our Product Marketing Manger, Cliff Anderson, discussed a few weeks ago, the future of barcode technology is bright and exciting. Barcodes now allow hospitals cleaner, more efficient patient tracking solutions, and give manufacturers real-time inventory management solutions … [Read more...]

The Future of Barcode Technology


First used to label train cars, barcodes (and barcode technology) have made great strides in the last few decades. Today, barcodes are completely integrated into mainstream life—nearly every product in a grocery, department or mass merchandise store bears a UPC barcode. It’s clear that this … [Read more...]