It’s 3pm: do you know where your school assets are?

Are your school's asset management policies breaking the bank? Businesses employ adults who generally work in an office on a fairly fixed schedule. And businesses have a hard time keeping track of their physical assets. Now think about schools. Consider the large, complex, open-ended … [Read more...]

Business lessons from ABC’s Shark Tank

The idea of gleaning business tips from reality TV might seem as absurd as taking trading advice from Gordon Gekko. Just in case the memory isn’t what it used to be, Gordon Gekko is the corporate raider Michael Douglas played in the film “Wall Street” who was fond of insider trading. The only … [Read more...]

Scan this: medication administration made easy with barcode technology

All About Kids Pediatrics really is all about kids. They keep approximately 2,000 of them healthy each month. In doing so they deliver a lot of preventive care services, like vaccinations. Every shot administered involves extensive reporting and documentation requirements.  Take a look at vaccine … [Read more...]

Bankrupt: 3 takeaways from the demise of Oreck

  Distribution and Sales Oreck chose to distribute and sell its vacuum cleaners through a chain of 96 retail stores it wholly owned. Reports are surfacing that former CEO Doug Cahill left the company in March over his disagreement with this approach. One has to ask, in the era of … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Income Statement

  The Income Statement is also called the Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement, reminding us that losses are part of the equation. In order to be profitable - simply put - you must stay out of the red and learn to identify trends that move your dial in the right direction. Your Income … [Read more...]

Cautions for fast-growing startups

There are three concepts entrepreneurs must understand when securing funding for a fast-growing startup - burn rate, time to out of cash, and time to close. 1.     Burn rate (BR) refers to the amount of money a company spends in a given time, usually a month. If the company has income, the burn … [Read more...]

U.S. government grants for small businesses

  Grants.Gov The information hub for U.S. Government grants is Grants.Gov. The website emphasizes that federal grants are not benefits or entitlements, but are used for an approved public purpose of support or stimulation. They are not meant to assist individuals and cannot be used by the … [Read more...]

The ins and outs of market evolution

Non existing Market When a market does not exist, an entrepreneur must create it or recognize a need for it. At this stage, it is important to identify those potential customers who dare to test the product or service and are willing to provide feedback about its use. These customers are pioneers … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding for Small Businesses

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act passed Congress and was signed by the White House in 2012. The Act legalizes a new form of crowdfunding – it allows small, unsophisticated investors to buy shares or debt privately from small or startup companies. We are still waiting on the SEC to move … [Read more...]

Effective asset management improves your chances of getting a grant

Long Arm...

Grants touch the lives of nearly everyone. From 2007-2012, the US government allocated over 5.2 Trillion grant dollars nationwide. The nature and scope of a grant may vary, but accurate reporting and prudent use of grant funding is critical to becoming a grant recipient. Grantees must be … [Read more...]