Small Business Survival Part 2

We've discussed the importance of planning. Your business plan is the documentation of that planning - one of the most important documents you will create as a business owner. It can get you started on the right foot or doom you to disaster. Your plan should include projections for your business … [Read more...]

Small Business Survival Part One

According to the Small Business Administration, about half of all small businesses fail within five years and 20 percent do not last two years.  However, the number of small businesses in the United States has increased 49% since 1982 and provide 55% of all jobs since the 1970s. Small businesses are … [Read more...]

Why Maintaining a Business Plan is Important

Before you even begin to start your new business, a plan must be created for several reasons such as, investment opportunities, to keep your business on accountable and a list of true objectives.   A list of goals, whether quarterly, annually or weekly will keep your company in line, while an … [Read more...]