Indicators of exceptional time clock systems

Exceptional time clock systems account for your labor expenses with minimal hands-on adjustments or computations. Since human capital is the largest investment your business will make, it makes sense to implement an effective system that continuously monitors payroll. For the savvy business owner, … [Read more...]

Mobile access to your company information: who needs it?

  Mobile technology – especially heavy use of smartphones -- is often a double-edged sword.“It’s made things more complicated because you can’t get away from anything,” Rick Wamre, co-founder of  The Advocate, recently said about his company’s adoption of cloud-based business … [Read more...]

Smart HR: Employee On-boarding

This week, we've shared HR insights on motivation & morale, turnover, and interviewing for the right fit. Since 25% of the working population undergoes some type of career transition each year, you want to hold on to the superstars you hire. Let's discuss the importance of on-boarding in … [Read more...]

Smart HR: Interviewing for the Best Fit

Earlier in the week we discussed how to avoid turnover. We shared insights into your team members' motivation and morale. You might be ready to grow your team, but are you interviewing for the best fit? Read on to find out. Bringing on a new employee is one of the most important … [Read more...]

Smart HR: What Causes Turnover?

I’m asked this question a lot.  Let’s examine some of the issues surrounding attrition. Turnover is the result of only two things; unfortunately, they are big pillars and many factors go into them.  The first is a poor company culture; the second is a poor total rewards package (TR).  Yes, if … [Read more...]

When a Small Business Should Use a Recruiter

For small businesses without Human Resources (HR), it’s often difficult to know when to employ a recruiter. While HR does much more than recruiting, in many instances, a smaller company’s primary HR need is the acquisition of talent in order to perform at its best and grow. One of the solutions … [Read more...]