Fight inventory shrinkage


Why does it shrink? The first idea that pops into everyone’s mind regarding inventory shrinkage is that someone is stealing the goods. It could be some disgruntled or greedy warehouse worker(s), or dishonest customer(s) in your grocery store helping themselves to donuts when you are not looking. … [Read more...]

10 Hidden Costs of Running a Small Business


  Many individuals with a dream and an entrepreneurial spirit set out to start their own business.  That dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the financial resources to keep the business running. The first thing every entrepreneur should do is get educated about the costs … [Read more...]

Accounting for your inventory– should you integrate?


When you combine the power of QuickBooks® to manage your financial operations with a robust, feature-rich inventory management solution, you better manage your business. Automating the management of your warehouse inventory will result in reduced labor costs and increased supply chain efficiency. … [Read more...]

Why Small Businesses Integrate Their Inventory Management & Accounting Systems


Inventory management is about knowing exactly where and how many of an item you have in your warehouse.  So it makes sense that to ensure your inventory asset value on your financial reports matches what is physically in stock one would integrate their inventory package  and account package. 3 Key … [Read more...]