The Small Business Expo: an inside look

Last week, the Small Business Expo danced through Big D. The event claims to be the largest B2B trade show, conference and networking event for small business owners and will hit many major US cities this fall and in early 2014 (See schedule here). Exhibitors included resource agencies like the … [Read more...]

5 ways for small business owners to reduce stress

According to Bolt Insurance, 44% of small business owners believe the stress of running their business has damaged their health. Below are ways for small business owners to eliminate stress. Balance According to a study by Bellevue University, 65% of Americans are stressed to their limits. Be … [Read more...]

Inventory controls: want more business next month?

Effective inventory control helps businesses maximize sales, speed turnaround and meet consumer demand during high volume sales peaks. Holiday sales peaks - namely Christmas and Thanksgiving - account for as much as 40% of annual revenues for small businesses. What do we do on holidays? We … [Read more...]

May 2013 SMB News Recap

May headlines from around the web, brought to you by the Wasp Buzz. Social media: Oklahoma’s virtual lost and found USA Today Social media is transforming how we engage after a disaster. After the twister tragedy in Oklahoma, residents used social media platforms to share lost and found … [Read more...]

How to improve your business with improv comedy

  Improv comedy is an extemporaneous interaction - meaning “spoken or done without preparation or advance thought.” No advance planning? Pretty solid idea as far as a funny theatre performance goes, but not exactly the best business practice. Or is it.. The potential of improv as it relates … [Read more...]

April 2013 SMB News Recap

Small Businesses Divided on Internet Sales Tax Small Business Trends The U.S. Senate is expected to make a decision soon regarding Internet sales tax legislation aimed to give states the power to collect sales tax for online sales, regardless of a merchant's physical presence.  Businesses may soon … [Read more...]

March 2013 SMB News Recap

5 Start Up Naming Rules from SXSW Entrepreneur According to the overall feeling at SXSW, we are in the age of the start up. Along with the age of the start up, we are in the age of the unfortunate company name. A recent presentation by Gary Backaus, chief creative officer, and Justin Dobbs, … [Read more...]

Psssst….the secret to business synergy

  Times they are a changing! Information is everywhere, continuously. The technology your business uses should be leveraged to help organize that information, learn from that information, and adapt to the implications of that information. Synergy is what happens when interactions align … [Read more...]

Mobile access to your company information: who needs it?

  Mobile technology – especially heavy use of smartphones -- is often a double-edged sword.“It’s made things more complicated because you can’t get away from anything,” Rick Wamre, co-founder of  The Advocate, recently said about his company’s adoption of cloud-based business … [Read more...]

Small Business Spotlight: Cloud Computing with Software as a Service

That’s not how cloud computing got its name. It’s thought that the moniker grew out of graphical representations of actual clouds that were used to symbolize networks in conceptual drawings. The cloud symbolized the internet. But an anxiety-inducing ascent on an airliner is an apt metaphor. To … [Read more...]