LinkedIn is your secret SEO weapon


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means you have positioned your business to be“discovered” online when someone initiates a search. The potential for your business to be discovered by potential customers is underscored by SEO. You can use LinkedIn’s Skills & Expertise to get in front of more … [Read more...]

Google Search Ranking & Its Effect on Your Business


Google emerged victorious in the FTC investigation into whether its business practices violate antitrust laws. Some companies -particularly members of the fair search coalition - were extremely disappointed in the outcome, stating that allowing Google to continue to function in the same facet only … [Read more...]

SEO for Small Business Websites


Interested in search engine optimization, but not sure where to start? Today's post from guest author and SEO expert, David Wallace, will help you understand the basics of using SEO for small business. Contrary to some beliefs, search engine optimization (SEO) is not rocket science. In fact, the … [Read more...]