Smart HR: Employee On-boarding

This week, we've shared HR insights on motivation & morale, turnover, and interviewing for the right fit. Since 25% of the working population undergoes some type of career transition each year, you want to hold on to the superstars you hire. Let's discuss the importance of on-boarding in … [Read more...]

Smart HR: Interviewing for the Best Fit


Earlier in the week we discussed how to avoid turnover. We shared insights into your team members' motivation and morale. You might be ready to grow your team, but are you interviewing for the best fit? Read on to find out. Bringing on a new employee is one of the most important … [Read more...]

Smart HR: What Causes Turnover?


I’m asked this question a lot.  Let’s examine some of the issues surrounding attrition. Turnover is the result of only two things; unfortunately, they are big pillars and many factors go into them.  The first is a poor company culture; the second is a poor total rewards package (TR).  Yes, if … [Read more...]

Smart HR: Employee Motivation and Team Morale


What motivates you? Humans are often motivated by things like achievement, affiliation, and power. The better you understand and cater to the unique needs of each individual on your team, the better your chances for collective success. As a leader, doing what is right for your people and your … [Read more...]

What is the value? Where is the value? Who perceives the value?


You have been making value perceptions and value judgments your entire life. You may call them decisions, moments of truth, or actions. Intuitively they focus around value – and your perception of it – or the weight you put toward it as these decisions or actions are taken or made. It’s the … [Read more...]

Creating an internal sales mastermind to make more sales.


Calls not getting returned? Prospects telling you your price is too high? Prospective customers asking for three bids? Unable to get to the real decision maker? Do you think you’re the ONLY salesperson facing these issues? Come on, really now?! My bet is every one of your colleagues has … [Read more...]

The Small Business Secret of Not Being Ignored – part 5


Sean Jackson Copyblogger We have finally come to the last post in the series! The first post covered what components make up a successful SMB website and the remaining posts dove deeper into how one could go about implementing components such as, content, SEO, back-linking, aesthetics and, … [Read more...]

The Small Business Secret of not Being Ignored – Part 4


Sean Jackson Copyblogger In this post I would like to share a strategy for building out your website by using keyword research, and implementing back-linking. This will cover two of the five components I shared in my first post. If content and search engine optimization are siblings, then … [Read more...]

The Small Business Secret of not Being Ignored – Part 3


Sean Jackson Copyblogger This is the third post in our series and will cover search engine optimization related to content. SEO is an ever-changing industry. One way to stay on top of the updated algorithms and the penalties that websites face is to stay abreast blogs and industry news (SEOmoz … [Read more...]

The Small Business Secret of not Being Ignored – Part 2 (Copyblogger)


Sean Jackson Copyblogger In the first part of the series I discussed several components that I believe make up a successful website. If you recall, those components were content, back-linking, aesthetics, search engine optimization and a company blog. In this post I want to explain how someone … [Read more...]