10 Hidden Costs of Running a Small Business

  Many individuals with a dream and an entrepreneurial spirit set out to start their own business.  That dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the financial resources to keep the business running. The first thing every entrepreneur should do is get educated about the costs … [Read more...]

List Your Business: Take Advantage of Local Directories & Review Sites

If you have a local business, then you have a major advantage over online retailers and other websites trying to rank well in Google. That advantage is local search. Instead of having to compete with thousands to potentially millions of competing websites globally, local businesses can focus their … [Read more...]

When Vegas Goes Viral: Reputation Management Online

Tips to monitor your business reputation online, plus how to handle any haters. The power of the average consumer is stronger than ever. Blame the Internet and more specifically, social media for this. Blogs, review sites, Facebook, Twitter, and more provide the infrastructure where a single … [Read more...]

Flirting With Disaster | Tips on how your business can prepare

The 2011 hurricane season may already be underway, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to prepare. And with the recent storms that brought devastating floods and tornadoes to much of the southern and mid-western states, it’s important for your business to be prepared for any disaster. Natural … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Keep Productivity Up When Temperatures Are Down

This winter has been far from mild, and as a result, most of us have spent some time being snow (or ice) bound. Unfortunately, weather like that doesn't typically add up to record levels of productivity. So if you spent your snow days lamenting your team's lack of productivity, consider these ideas … [Read more...]