The Small Business Expo: an inside look

Last week, the Small Business Expo danced through Big D. The event claims to be the largest B2B trade show, conference and networking event for small business owners and will hit many major US cities this fall and in early 2014 (See schedule here). Exhibitors included resource agencies like the … [Read more...]

May 2013 SMB News Recap

May headlines from around the web, brought to you by the Wasp Buzz. Social media: Oklahoma’s virtual lost and found USA Today Social media is transforming how we engage after a disaster. After the twister tragedy in Oklahoma, residents used social media platforms to share lost and found … [Read more...]

Scan this: medication administration made easy with barcode technology

All About Kids Pediatrics really is all about kids. They keep approximately 2,000 of them healthy each month. In doing so they deliver a lot of preventive care services, like vaccinations. Every shot administered involves extensive reporting and documentation requirements.  Take a look at vaccine … [Read more...]

April 2013 SMB News Recap

Small Businesses Divided on Internet Sales Tax Small Business Trends The U.S. Senate is expected to make a decision soon regarding Internet sales tax legislation aimed to give states the power to collect sales tax for online sales, regardless of a merchant's physical presence.  Businesses may soon … [Read more...]

March 2013 SMB News Recap

5 Start Up Naming Rules from SXSW Entrepreneur According to the overall feeling at SXSW, we are in the age of the start up. Along with the age of the start up, we are in the age of the unfortunate company name. A recent presentation by Gary Backaus, chief creative officer, and Justin Dobbs, … [Read more...]

February SMB News Recap 2013

February headlines from around the web, brought to you by Wasp Buzz Small Business Magazine. The Art and Science Behind Small Business Advertising Fox Business As a small business owner, do you fixate on the biggest and loudest marketing ideas or do you focus on the practical aspects of … [Read more...]

Payroll Tax Increase 2013: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Long Arm...

Congress’s feckless attempts to avoid the 2013 payroll tax increase flopped, and the rate jumped 2 percentage points - to 6.2 percent - in early January. The tax helps pay for Social Security and Medicare. Assessed on the first $113,700 of compensation (maximum $7,049.40 per individual), the … [Read more...]

Section 179 for 2013

What is Section 179? This little jewel in the tax code allows small- and medium-sized businesses to expense capital purchases in the year of purchase rather than depreciating over three or five or whatever number of years. This applies to material goods used in your business, … [Read more...]

SMB News Recap January 2013

Small Business Owners: The IRS Says You Are Tax Cheats Small Business Trends Small Business does a lot for America, accounting for roughly half of private sector GDP and employment. Their economic contributions probably account for part of the reason that small business is our country’s most … [Read more...]

YouTube Videos for Business: What We Learned One Million Views Later

GETTING NOTICED WITH SMALL BUSINESS VIDEOS Less than two years ago, Wasp launched a small business video marketing strategy featuring business videos on our YouTube channel. Wasp works with partners to create and launch videos that demonstrate products in action. These videos are valuable sales … [Read more...]