What’s Your Mobile App Called?


We gave it all away in the title: you should have a mobile app. Today, we’re telling you why.

First, some interesting numbers about the mobile app market.

  • iOS users have an average of 37 apps on their iPhone, compared to 22 for Android users, and 10 for BlackBerry users.
  • Of the 82% of U.S. adults who are active cellphone users, 43% have apps on their phones, and more than two-thirds of them use those apps regularly. That means that 24% of the U.S. adult population actively uses apps, the study estimates.
  • Of those who have downloaded apps, nearly 2 in 3 said they use their apps daily, and 1 in 4 use their apps for more than 30 minutes per day.

Without a doubt, there is a huge market out there for mobile apps, and research suggests that this is just the beginning. As tablets get more popular, users will want to have corresponding apps on their smartphone and their tablet device. But just because there is an active market, there are still points to consider before you create your own mobile app.

How many people will I reach using a mobile app? Everybody has heard the phrase go where your customers are going, and mobile apps are no exception. Often times, a simple Facebook or email survey of your customers will help you understand if there’s a market out there for a mobile app.

Is a mobile-optimized web site a better fit than an app? Studies show that by 2015, consumers will be browsing the Internet more on mobile devices than a traditional desktop browser. Often, it’s much more affordable to create a mobile-optimized website than a whole app, so consider both options before making any plans or payments.

Do you have the time to maintain a mobile app? The point of a mobile app is to interact and engage with customers. If you don’t have time to freshen up the app content, it may be best to stick with a website optimized for mobile.

These are our tips and facts to consider when you’re thinking about creating a mobile app.
Leave us a comment below and let us know what your business does with mobile. Are you thinking of creating your own app? Tell us about it!


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