When an Idea Becomes a Business

When an Idea Becomes a Business
You’ve come up with a stellar business idea… you think. But how do you determine when that idea is actually ready to become a real, working business? Unfortunately, there isn’t a siren, alarm or flashing sign that’s going to tell you. Instead, you’re going to have to decide for yourself. If you’ve considered the following things, then you’re probably ready to hit the green light on your new business:

You’ve Done Your Homework

Starting a business on a whim is probably not the best way to be successful. Instead, do your research and make sure there’s a need for the business you’re launching. Do people want what you have to offer? Can they find it somewhere else? The answers to those questions should help make your decision easier.

You Know You can clear the Obstacles

After you’ve determined that your idea is a moneymaker, make sure it’s feasible. What are the laws and regulations that will affect your business plan? Are there licenses or zoning laws you need to take into consideration? If you’ve smoothed all those out, you’re one step closer to opening your doors.

You’re Prepared to put in the Work

 Starting your own business is hard, hard work. You’ll need to devote long hours, for a long time, to ensure your business is successful. You need to be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared. If you’re not sure you can hack it, then you’re not ready to launch.

You Know how to take Calculated Risks

Everything in life is risky, right? Just make sure you’re taking calculated risks, not foolish ones. Entrepreneur puts it like this, “Don’t risk what you can’t afford. Don’t risk your home, your family or your health. Ask yourself ‘If this doesn’t work, will I be worse off than I am now?’ If all you have to lose is some time, energy and money, then the risk is likely worth it.”

Are you ready to go? If so, we wish you luck as you set off on your new business adventure!

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Brian Sutter

Brian Sutter

Director of Marketing at Wasp Barcode
Brian Sutter is the Director of Marketing at Wasp, responsible for the development and execution of the company’s marketing strategy. His role encompasses brand management, direct and channel marketing, public relations, advertising, and social media. He also writes and speaks on topics related to helping small business owners grow their business and improve operational efficiency.
Brian Sutter
Brian Sutter