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Have you ever had a business idea creep into your head, but later discarded the idea as bizarre? Well, that idea may not be as crazy as you think. The Buzz Magazine has scoured the web to bring you some of the most outrageous-but-successful business ventures.

1. Pet Jellyfish

These odd creatures have now found a way into your home, thanks to Alex Andon, a graduate in marine biology from Duke University. After seeing an exhibit on jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Andon thought a personal jellyfish tank would be the perfect addition to any home. His company, Jellyfish Art, allows you to purchase tanks, food and jellyfish all through the company’s website. The two-year-old company is now doubling its profits each quarter.

2. Paint by Numbers

Did you know there are over 500 million parking spaces across the United States? Luckily, We Do Lines makes finding one much easier. The Connecticut-based company specializes in the painting of parking lot spaces. After having difficulty finding a painter for their own business lot, three forward-thinking entrepreneurs created the painting service and haven’t looked back. With franchises in several states, this is a company that has seen its fair share of success. 

3. Dirty Job

We love our pets, but picking up after them can be a chore. Doody Calls does all the dirty work for us. The company is a professional service for permanently disposing of your dog’s waste. Surprisingly, the company has over 40 franchisees in 23 states. 

4. Walking Billboard

Everyday we wear shirts with companies’ logos etched across our chests. But what if those shirts were seen in a viral video on YouTube? That is the idea of one entrepreneur in Jacksonville, FL. Jason Sadler started IWearYourShirt in 2009 and is paid to wear a company’s T-shirt for a day, make a YouTube video about the company and generate viral buzz around the business. In case you’re interested in increasing your company’s exposure, you’ll have to wait – this entrepreneur’s services are sporting a waiting list.

5. X Marks the Spot

Scavenger hunts are for kids, right? Well, think again. Masters of the Hunt does nothing but organize scavenger hunts for many different kinds of events. One such event took place for a company who conducted a ‘”training at sea.” Masters of the Hunt organized a scavenger hunt, which implemented fun challenges for team building exercises. Events like this can cost clients $2,500 and up. Who says work can’t be fun?

Don’t discard your next business idea just because you think someone will think it is crazy. Seriously, who thought a blanket with sleeves would be so successful? Have another bizarre business worth sharing? Share it with us in the comments!

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