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Quickstore Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Our Corporate Training Team has compiled some helpful tips and tricks for using QuickStore based on questions from users like you.


It’s easy to provide discounts automatically to select customer accounts.

From the Customer List, select the customer you would like to offer a discount to. In the General Tab, you can apply a percentage discount to this customer’s account that will automatically apply to any future transactions.

Automate purchase order creation for improved efficiency.

After establishing minimum and maximum stock levels for your inventory, select Purchase Order & then press F2 to automatically create a purchase order for all items below minimum stock levels.

Creating a packing list with QuickStore Pro and Enterprise is simple.

Enter the sale as usual. After completing the sale and printing the invoice, go to the Lists menu and select Sales by Date. Click on the invoice to highlight it. Then select File and Print Packing List from the main application menu. This function is available in QuickStore Pro, Enterprise and Multi-Store only.

Using a touch screen at your POS workstation is easy with QuickStore.

Go to the Setup menu, and select This Computer. In the General Tab, select the checkbox for “This computer has a touch screen”. You are now ready to begin using the touch-screen friendly interface.

QuickStore makes it easy to ensure that printed items like receipts, invoices and packing slips are printed at the right location.

With QuickStore, you can setup up to 9 different printers to accommodate your needs. Just select Printer Setup from the File menu to get started.