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Quickstore Tips and Tricks

More Tips & Tricks

The previous Tips & Tricks email we sent a few weeks ago was so popular that our Corporate Trainers have compiled several additional tips and tricks to help you fully utilize QuickStore.


Credit card processing is integrated into QuickStore for easy use.

All credit and debit transactions are tracked by QuickStore, making it effortless to manage returns, reprinting receipts, and verifying signature capture.

QuickStore makes it simple to sell items that require work before shipping.

Use the Work Order Forms option in the Setup menu to create and customize a work order that ensures that the right pre-shipping tasks take place.

QuickStore’s advanced security settings protect sensitive data.

Over 100 different security settings can be established for each user, allowing you to grant or remove access to almost any part of QuickStore.  Visit the User list in the Setup menu and set security settings for new or existing employees. To edit an existing employee’s settings, double click the employee name and select the Security tab.

Customizing your store’s messaging on printed materials is quick and easy.

Select Store Settings from the Setup menu, and choose the Messages tab. You can create different messages for sales invoices, quotes, gift certificates and more by using the radio buttons to select the printed material you would like to customize. 

Auditing can be done using a WDT2200 hand held device to take the human error out of counting. 

Scan each barcode individually, or scan a single barcode and use the WDT2200’s keypad to enter the count. When your audit is complete, connect the WDT2200 to your PC to download the updated inventory counts to QuickStore. 

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