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WaspTime Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Our Corporate Training Team has compiled some helpful tips and tricks for using WaspTime based on questions from users like you.


How do I clean the biometric clock?

Gently apply a piece of Scotch tape to the sensor, remove the tape and repeat as necessary. Use a new piece of tape each time.

Can I backup the database?

Manually schedule a database backup through the Tools menu. Select Database Backup to set a backup schedule. Prefer to automate database backup? Use the Schedule Backup function to schedule automatic daily or monthly backups.

What reports do you most recommend?

Our favorite reports:

  • Absence – shows employee absences for a specific time period.
  • Absentee –shows employees who were scheduled to work but did not appear.
  • Incomplete Timecard – shows employees who have missed punches during a pay period.
  • Tardy – shows an employee’s late punches by day for a specific time period.

How do I synchronize the clocks and server?

To set a once-daily, time clock sync, select the Clocks icon from the menu. From the Clock Setup screen, click Time Sync Setup to schedule your automatic synchronization.

What is the WaspTime web component?

If your company has an intranet, WaspTime comes with a web component. Your employees can clock in and out, review their timecards and even request changes all through their personal computers. This is highly beneficial for employees that work remotely, but still need to record their time and attendance.

Bonus Questions:

Does WaspTime work across different time zones?

Set the time zone on the server running WaspTime. Select File, Set Server Time Zone, and choose your time zone.

  • If your employees work in a different time zone than the server, set each employee’s time zone on the Employee Screen.
  • Time zones are also entered for each clock on the Clock’s interface. When the clock is synced with the server, the system will perform any conversions (converting the time from the clock to the server’s time zone).