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WaspTime Tips and Tricks

More Tips & Tricks

The previous Tips & Tricks email we sent a few weeks ago was so popular that our Corporate Trainers have compiled several additional tips and tricks to help you fully utilize WaspTime.


Am I able to disable the Setup Assistant?

Click Settings in the WaspTime main window, and select the Options tab. Un-check the Run Setup Assistant at Logon box. You’re done – the setup assistant will no longer pop up every time you log in.

How do I setup email alerts and schedule reports?

From the main window, select Tools and:

  • Setup Email Alerts – choose automatic notifications of employee birthdays, upcoming reviews, tardies, or incomplete time cards. You must set up email before setting notifications – complete in Settings and Options.
  • Scheduled Reports – click New and choose which reports you would like run on a schedule.

How do I handle holidays?

In the main window, select Tools and Process Holidays. This function adds or removes holidays/absences to an employee(s) timecard. Remember, the holiday or absence code must already be added to the Absences and Statutory Holidays in the Settings of WaspTime.

Am I able to import departments, groups, or employees?

Quickly add departments, groups and employees by importing. From the main window, select Tools and Import. Import from a .txt file, .csv file, or QuickBooks. For a successful import, your payroll codes in QuickBooks and the payroll codes in WaspTime must match.

Can I archive old timecards?

Speed up reporting and timecard processing by archiving old timecards. Select Tools, Archive Timecards, and set the date range. You can always un-archive, and there are reports which display only archived data.

Bonus Questions:

What if the employee doesn’t clock out for lunch?

If your employees currently don’t clock out for breaks or meals, but you still need to deduct them from their timecard, you can choose to have those durations automatically deducted. This even helps for employees that forget to clock in and out for breaks and meals.

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