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Inventory Software Feature Guide

Check out some of the features available to you with a Wasp inventory solution.

Adjust Inventory

Adjust quantities up or down for a specific location and with a specific reason code.


Assign stock to pick orders so it’s committed for that customer and no longer shows as available.

Duplicate Pick Orders

Copy existing pick orders to save time.


Create backorders for undeceived orders or partial unreceived orders.

Barcode Scanning

Scan barcodes to speed up your inventory and reduce manual errors.

Bills of Materials

Create a one-step “recipe” to build finished goods from component stock, which is beneficial for repeatedly manufactured items.


Create groups of items that are sold together, but are still considered separate inventory items. Allows you to assemble stock from sales in one easy step.

Check Low Stock By Vendor

When creating a purchase order see everything that is at or below minimum stock level from that vendor.

Check-Out/In Inventory

The ability to loan out items that will eventually be returned.

Create Purchase Orders

Create Purchase orders in the system and send them directly from the system to your vendors.


Import or export data such as items, inventory, sites, locations, customers, and vendors via CSV.

Cycle Counts

Conduct cycle counts or audits to make sure stock levels are accurate and reconcile any discrepancies.

Custom Notifications

Receive e-mail notifications for events you want to be notified of and when.

Custom Reporting

Create your own reports with our report builder.

Custom Views

Ability for individual users to customize and save different views.

Detailed Customer Masters

Assign a default sales tax and sell price tier per customer with unlimited master customer records.

Detailed Supplier Masters

Capture detailed information for unlimited suppliers.

Drop Ship

Gives you the ability to move good from the vendor directly to the customer without going through the usual distribution channels.


Generate invoices for orders that can be printed or emailed.

Item Label Printing

Print customized item labels for your inventory.

Late Order Notifications

Notifies you when a pick order has reached or passed its due date.

Late Purchase Notifications

Past due POs are notifications are sent out to you so you can reach out to suppliers and check on the status of orders.

Lot Number Tracking

Assign lot numbers and expiration dates to manufactured products and components.

Min and Max Stock Levels

Set alerts to drive re-ordering and ensure optimal stock levels maintained.

Multiple Delivery Addresses

Effortlessly deliver to your customer and their preferred location, every time.

Multiple Price Tiers

Create multiple price tiers for items and customers.

Non-Diminishing Products

Add non-inventory items that never diminish (freight, training, labor, etc.) without affecting stock balance accuracy.

Order Discounts

Apply pre-determined discounts by customer, line or order.

iOS/Android App

Perform transactions from any iOS or Android device.

Packing Slips

Generate packing slips for orders that can be printed or emailed.

Per Warehouse Control

Manage bin locations and stock level alerts on a per warehouse basis.

Pick Orders Slips

Print or email a pick slip that shows all order information such as customer, order #, items, requested quantity, location of items, and due date.

Pricing Tiers

Set up multiple pricing models for the same item depending on customer. Apply discounts and promotions.

Product Grouping

Allows you to categorize items for more accurate reporting and analysis.

Scheduled Reporting

Create a schedule for reports to be e-mailed out periodically.

Serial # Only on Invoicing

Ability to add inventory without recording serial numbers, but require the serial number to be recorded as items are sold or removed.

Serial Number Tracking

Track individual products through production for warranties and recall.

Shipping and Handling

Add shipping and handling to a pick order that will translate to invoices.

Units of Measure Conversion

Supports unlimited global and product-specific units of measure (UOM) conversion factors and allows you to track multiple units of measure for a single item.