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DT90 Mobile Computer


The Wasp DT90 mobile computer is the comfortable and durable wireless computing and data entry solution for inventory management and control. The handheld computer features an integrated 1D barcode scanner and ergonomic pistol grip for fast, accurate barcode scanning and data collection. The DT90 mobile computer is ideal for inventory management in retail, warehouse, manufacturing, and logistics environments. 

The DT90 mobile computer’s laser barcode scanner is integrated with a durable grip, helping you accurately and efficiently collect data in the most scan-intensive environments. Wasp’s “Green Spot” technology offers a visual confirmation of a good barcode read, so you never miss a scan. And with the 38-key functional keypad you can enter data or update scanned information in various applications of your choice, right on the color touchscreen. Wireless connectivity also allows you to access or update data and barcode scans on the go!

The DT90 is a powerful mobile inventory management system. This mobile computer features a color touchscreen display, 256 MB of RAM, Windows CE 6.0 OS, 802.11 a/b/g wireless, and Bluetooth.

This mobile computing system also features:
• “Green Spot” visual confirmation of barcode scans
• High performance laser scan engine
• Ability to withstand multiple 5’ drops to concrete
• 38-key functional backlit keyboard
• Rechargeable battery