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CountIt V2.4.1 Patch

Wasp CountIt v2.4.1:
  1. Now supports QuickBooks 2013 version.
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File Name: CountIt_DL_Manager.exe
Version: 2.4.1
Date Published: 01/11/2013
Language: English
Download Size: 123 MB
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CountIt V2.4 Patch

What's new in v2.4:
  1. Add a new option to allow user to print multiple copies of a label for an item, rather than just 1 per item, in a single print job.
  2. Add support of counting on Windows Mobile/CE Device.
  3. Supports QuickBooks 2012 version.
  4. Add support for QuickBooks 2012 Enterprise Advanced Inventory Module, to allow counting inventory into locations.
Wasp CountIt v2.4 fixes the following problems:
  1. CountIt now writes log files in the [All Users] folder so user doesn't have to have special access rights.
  2. Fix the bug: If duplicate counts are done on the mobile device and if [Merge Duplicate counts] is turned on on the PC, the summed counts on the review grid may not be correct if the user enters and reenters Edit mode multiple times.
  3. Add a minimize button to the application
  4. Consolidate the multiple "duplicate counts" messages into one.
  5. On Count Configuration tab, now the app allows user to directly type to change the file name instead of having to use the Browse button
  6. On Review Counts screen, we now display the name of the original count file and the device data file. So the user would have a good idea of where the data is from.
  7. Add visual progress indicator while sending data file to the device, so it won't seem that the program freezes.

CountIt V2.3 Patch

Wasp CountIt v2.3 patch fixes the following problems:
  1. CountIt now supports 32-bit OS as well as 64-bit operating systems. It also runs on Windows 7.
  2. CountIt will support QuickBooks 2010 and 2011.

CountIt V2.2 Patch

Wasp CountIt v2.2 patch fixes the following problems:
  1. CountIt v2.2 now supports QuickBooks US/Canada/UK 2005-2008.
  2. Supports inventory data collection from both Wasp WDT2200 and WDT2200G device.
  3. Displays icons to indicate duplicate counts when user reviews data.
  4. Increases demo period from 10 days to 30 days.
  5. While using [Count Only] method, application no longer displays discrepancy warning during reviewing data.
  6. It fixed the 'Invalid Count Data' message while editing data and [Count Only] method is selected.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are running CountIt 2.2 with QuickBooks 2008 on Vista OS, you need to make sure to turn UAC on. Otherwise, CountIt may not connect with QuickBooks successully.

CountIt V2.1 Patch

Wasp CountIt v2.1 patch fixes the following problems:
  1. CountIt now adjusts count in QuickBooks using absolute new counts instead of differences. Therefore it eliminates potential mistake if user accidentally clicks the Adjust button multiple times.
  2. While uninstalling, it now completely removes registry entries under HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  3. Added new version check feature under Help menu so the user will be notified if there is a newer version available
  4. It now prints margins correctly on Avery 5161 template
  5. It now installs n4dr32.dll to the application install directory to avoid conflict with Wasp Labeler software
  6. It fixes a bug in Count And compare that in the case that there are duplicate item/location record, the new counts didn't show up on the review grid
  7. It fixes the bug that on the review grid, right click to select hidden columns doesn't work