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Updates & Patches

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WaspLabeler V 7.1.0

Labeler 7.1.0 addresses the following issues:
  1. Added support for GS1-128 CC-A, CC-B, CC-C composite.
  2. Added support for GS1 Datamatrix
  3. Enhanced properties for several symbologies: Datamatrix, GS1-128.
  4. Added new features - "Center Horizontally" and "Center Vertically" this will position the objects on the label centered horizontally or vertically in the middle of the label.
  5. Fixes the issues on windows 8 when printing labels, the application crashes after the print progress dialog appears.
  6. Improved printing support. Addressed several issues when printing labels involving rotated objects. Improved support for Page Orientation. Added support for printing to a specific printer tray.
  7. Updated barcoding engine.
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File Name: LabelerPatch.exe
Version: 7.1.0
Date Published: 10/25/2013
Language: English
Download Size: 46.9 MB
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WaspLabeler V 7.0.2

Labeler 7.0.2 addresses the following issues:
  1. Improved printing and print layout support.
  2. Fixed several issues and enhanced QuickBooks connectivity. (From Date, To Date, Max Rows for transaction filtering).
  3. Added support for barcode caption for the following symbologies: UPC-A/UPC-#/ISBN/EAN JAN8/EAN JAN 13
  4. Fixed label conversion issues, when converting labels from Labeler V6 version.

WaspLabeler V 6.0.10

Labeler v 6.0.10 addresses the following issues:
  1. Fixed the error message:
    • “System Error 401 Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed (WASPLAB) [Details: frmChild::Form_Activate()]”
  2. Improved user interface ruler indicators when designing labels.
  3. Improvements in ODBC connections and data formatting.
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File Name: Labelerv6.exe
Version: 6.0.10
Date Published: 11/24/2009
Language: English
Download Size: 33.9 MB
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Labeler 6.0.9 addresses the following issues:
  1. Fixed the Print and Print Preview displaying data from other columns than the mapped columns in the label.
  2. In some cases Print/Print Preview will display an error message regarding incorrect columns.


Labeler 6.0.8 addresses the following issues:
  1. ZPL and EPL printers now show in the printer list.
  2. Fixed printer settings rounding issue. This will help really small tags or tags with small decimal portions to not drift when printing.
  3. If an EDS table is changed but the fields are the same, the field mpapings will be maintained.
  4. Obtained QuckBooks(TM) certification.
  5. Sped up print and print preview significantly .


Labeler 6.0.7 addresses the following issues:
  1. Removed the printer margin line from the print preview window on the printer setup tab. It did not properly reflect the correct margin position.
  2. Sorted the values in the EDS Prompt combo box.
  3. Showed all entries for Selection.
  4. Removed the space before the check digit for ucc\ean128 barcode.


Labeler 6.0.6 addresses the following issues:
  1. When Labeler is opened from a registered Wasp product, the labels will no longer print in Demo mode.
  2. Fixed the issue where the datagrid did not show the customer addresses for QuickBooks data source.
  3. Allowed barcodes to be moved to a negative left value.
  4. Fixed printing issues some Zebra printers encountered.
  5. Added a registry key to fix Zebra printing issue Oneup=1.
  6. Fixed code128 w/ UCCEAN caption bug.
  7. Fixed code39 caption bug where it was showing 4 special charaters wrong.
  8. Add WPL to the base product
  9. Changed the size of the spinner buttons on the props form