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Currently there are no WaspTime v7 patches.


6.1.14 - July 14, 2011 (Server: 4.1.10 Database: Client: 6.1.14)
NOTE: This patch requires you tov update each client and the server machine before the clients will connect to the server.
Bugs Fixed:
  1. Added support for email servers using TSL/SSL on port 587. Now WaspTime supports both the implicit security mode on port 465 as well as port 587 for TSL/SSL email servers. Also fixed the test email dialog when the connection requires a user name and a password.
  2. Fixed an issue where punches from previous week would be deleted as a result of an error in processing the user specific schedule.
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File Name: WaspTime6Patch.exe
Version: 6.1.14
Date Published: 7/14/2011
Language: English
Download Size: 29 MB
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6.1.11 - May 11, 2011 (Server: 4.1.8 Database: Client: 6.1.11)
NOTE: This patch requires you to update each client and the server machine before the clients will connect to the server.
Bugs Fixed:
  1. Fixed the group and department selection combo boxes to properly filter the list of employees (Payroll Export window).
  2. Fixed the Tardy report to take Grace settings correctly from Group’s settings. If a Penalty is set in Group’s settings the Tardy report no longer takes it into consideration, since the tardy report only makes it's computations based on the Grace Group’s settings only.
  3. Fixed Schedule Override window to properly display the week data when previous or next buttons are used.
  4. Fixed California Overtime processing of absences set as paid and not included in overtime calculation.
  5. Fixed ADP payroll export processing of absences marked as unpaid to not be included in ADP export files.
  6. Fixed the host name / IP resolution to properly resolve IP/host name on the machine where wasptimeserver is installed.
  7. Included a mechanism to filter punches coming from Biometric clocks that are flagged invalid because they occurred outside the specified allowed time intervals enforced on the Biometric clocks. To enable this feature a registry entry “AllowAllPunchStates” of type “REG_DWORD” and value=0 needs to be present under the Options key in wasptime registry hive.
  8. Fixed the issue when an employee group membership is changed to another group with a new group schedule so that the timecards are recalculated according to the new group schedule.
  9. Fixed “Incomplete Absence Report” to correctly display “Didn’t show” according to group schedule settings.
  10. Fixed the Import process of groups and employees from CSV files.
  11. Fixed the “Custom Date Timecards” report parameters so that the report is showing data correctly.
  12. Fixed the UI of timecard approval user interface when the pay period is bi-weekly and both weeks needs to be approved.
  13. Fixed Sage50 payroll export to correctly include California Overtime in the exported hours.
  14. Fixed the “Time Summary Details” report to not include inactive employees in the report.
  15. Fixed the issues with filtering by department/group when processing holidays.
  16. Fixed Tardy report to not include penalty settings. In the Group settings when a Penalty or Grace is selected, now only if a Grace amount is selected is included in the Tardy report calculations. Penalty amounts are not included in Tardy report calculations.
  17. Fixed display issues in Schedule Override window display to accurately display the schedule override corresponding to the current selected week.
  18. Fixed California overtime calculation to not include paid absence/vacation hours when the absence/vacation is configured to not be included in overtime calculation.
  19. Fixed ADP Payroll export to not include unpaid absence time in the exported hours to ADP.


6.1.3 - December 10, 2010 (Server: 4.1.4 Database: Client: 6.1.3)
NOTE: This patch requires you to update each client and the server machine before the clients will connect to the server.
Bugs Fixed:
  1. If the pay period start date was changed, sometimes for bi-weekly pay periods only, depending on the new date selected the effective pay period start would be set a week earlier than the intended selected date.
  2. Downloading punches from a biometric clock in some cases would return “Finished getting punches from the clock” showing “Retrieved 0 punches from the clock” when there are still punches on the clock to be downloaded.
  3. This has been corrected by polling for the biometric clock log data, and if after several tries the clock log data still cannot be retrieved an error message will be displayed and the error verbosely logged in the wasp time server log files.
  4. Fixed the issue when a schedule is set from 12:00AM to 11:59PM every day, entering punches from biometric clock or PC Punch in a day that is the first day of the week, would cause punches from the first day of the previous week to be deleted.
  5. Added new payroll export type “PayChex / Sum Hours” which follows the same file format as the "PayChex / Time in a Box Export", instead we report the sum of the hours reported per pay code, per employee (example: total regular hours) instead of showing the hours and pay codes for each day in the pay period for every employee. This is recommended if groups use weekly overtime.
  6. Fixed ADP payroll export so if there is an overtime 2 code, this will appear in the export file only when there are overtime 2 hours to be exported.
  7. Fixed ping diagnostics to recognize ‘Destination Unreachable’ message when pinging an unused IP address. This was preventing users to assign the Wx100 clock an IP address outside the current subnet. This applies to Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.
  8. Fixed the case when absences submitted from the WaspTime webpage would show with the wrong color code in the timecards. Now, the WaspTime webpage is consistent with the WaspTime PC client timecards display.
  9. Fixed the case when Salary group would display 12:00AM for all In/Out schedule entries after changing the pay period start date in System Setup.
  10. Added more error checking for payroll export to QuickBooks to detect when the payroll codes are not imported properly or setup properly.


6.1.0 - July 22, 2009 (Server: 4.1.1 Database: Client: 6.1.0)
NOTE: This patch requires you to update each client and the server machine before the clients will connect to the server.
New Features:
  1. If you are logged in as an admin, the reports that can be run for a manager now have all the managers in the list. This way an admin can run reports for any manager.
  2. When an employee changes groups, the user is prompted for how many prior pay periods to apply the change.
  3. A new Anniversary report was added that does not page break after each department.
  4. A new group setting allows up to 60 minutes before a schedule starts or after the schedule ends as unpaid buffer. Employees who punch in within the buffer will get paid as if they punched in or out at the scheduled time.
  5. Rounding can now happen after 0 minutes for in, out, break and meal rounding.
  6. A new group setting allows up to 60 minutes of penalty for arriving late or leaving early.
  7. There is now a new button on the Employee Security tab that removes all fingerprints from the database. This button causes prints to be deleted from the clock the next time a clock is updated through the BioUtility.
Bugs Fixed:
  1. The Anniversary email will no longer include employees who are inactive, on leave or archived.
  2. The Birthday email will no longer include employees who are inactive, on leave or archived.
  3. The Reviews email will no longer include employees who are inactive, on leave or archived.
  4. In some cases punches were not processed or processed in the wrong half of the day due to regional date time settings. This has been fixed. Older punches may not be corrected automatically but new punches will be correct.
  5. The CSV Payroll export had an error showing multiple absences.
  6. Inactive employees and archived employees were still getting pushed to the biometric clocks. Now when an employee is set to inactive they will be marked for deletion from the biometric clocks. Existing inactive and archived employees will be marked for deletion the next time the biometric utility updates a clock after the patch.
  7. There was a problem storing some fingerprints to the database. The print would work on the clock it was recorded on but not on a new clock the print was pushed to. The bug is fixed but you will need to pull the prints for these employees from a clock that the print is working on again before sending it to the other clocks. This did not effect all prints.
  8. ** Semi Monthly pay periods with the first day of the week also the last day of the pay period were not including the last day in the pay period totals. After the patch you can recalculate the employee's timecard that has this problem to get the correct totals.
  9. The PayChoice payroll export has been updated to work better.
  10. When an employee changes groups, the group schedule change was automatically applied to the previous pay period. Now the change only applies to the current pay period unless the user specifies more.
  11. If for some reason the database\ slash is the wrong slash we detect it and fix it.
  12. If the database name has (local)\ a log message is entered to help identify this problem.
  13. ** When an absence or holiday was applied to a week with no time entered yet, the schedule was not entered properly and tardies and early in and late out was not properly calculated. The only way to fix this is to manually enter the schedule into the schedule override window on each time card. After the patch the schedules are properly maintained.
  14. The default backup file name is now WaspTime6_.bkp
  15. Timecard by supervisor report was showing picked dates as the report range instead of the time period it was reporting. This report will show all days in the weeks indicated by the days you pick when opening the report. Time Summary and Time Summary Details had the same problem.
  16. The employee list now saves your settings properly.