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Getting Started Training

Getting Started with Inventory Control

Sign up for a free, 1-hour training session, presented in WebEx. This session provides an overview of the installation process and a review of the icons and key functions in Inventory Control. The training will also provide examples of how to use Inventory Control by applying common scenarios to the software. The training will last approximately 50 minutes, with an additional question and answer session afterwards. After the session concludes, we’ll send you a recording of the session for your reference.

Session Topics:

Class Schedule

Date Time Register
April 2016
Thursday, April 7 9:00 AM CST Register Today
Tuesday, April 19 2:00 PM CST Register Today
May 2016
Thursday, May 19 1:30 PM CST Register Today
June 2016
Wednesday, June 15 2:30 PM CDT Register Today