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How safe is your vote? With solution from Wasp Barcode Technologies, one Texas county ensures the integrity of elections

PLANO, Texas – Oct. 27, 2010 – Next week, citizens across the country will cast their votes. But how can they know that their ballots are secure? While elections officials from coast to coast wrestle with voting challenges, one small Texas county has mastered a method of protecting its ballots, thanks to some help from Wasp Barcode Technologies.

Located in Central Texas, Hays County is home to more than 150,000 residents. Using Wasp MobileAsset and a mobile computer, the Hays County Elections Division tracks more than 300 voting booths, plus other election equipment such as laptop computers, a judge's booth controller, and security devices. The county now can ensure that each and every vote is kept secure.

"We are very confident in the integrity of our data, knowing that each piece of equipment is going to the right polling location," said Doug Ferguson, equipment and data coordinator for Hays County. "Most importantly, we know that our data is accurate and would easily withstand scrutiny during an audit."

During the year, the county's voting equipment is stored in a central warehouse. When an election day draws near, the Elections Division must deploy equipment to local polling stations in schools, churches and other locations throughout the county. Of course, the state of Texas requires that meticulous records be kept about the location of voting equipment at all times, and audits may be conducted to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

The Elections Division spent about $5,000 to purchase Wasp MobileAsset software, a barcode printer and mobile barcode scanners. Barcoded asset tags were affixed to all voting equipment. Now, when an election is scheduled, Ferguson can quickly assign the required equipment to a given polling location and scan the barcode, setting up an accurate tracking process.

On election day, after all ballots have been cast, the election judge at each polling location carries the voting booth controller box back to the county offices. This box includes a tally of the votes cast that day. When the box is received by the Elections Division, its barcode asset tag and its barcoded seals are scanned. MobileAsset is updated with this new information. Throughout the process of shipping and receiving, Hays County has an accurate accounting of its equipment.

The solution has created positive financial results as well. It takes the Elections Division about one-quarter of the time once required to deploy equipment and check it back in. Employees now can spend the saved time on other, higher-value activities.

"Elections offices can use an affordable solution like Wasp MobileAsset to protect the interests of their constituents," said Tom O'Shea, general manager of Wasp Barcode Technologies. "Over time, local and county governments can save money with the solution's built-in efficiencies. But most importantly, voters can rest assured that every piece of voting equipment is accounted for."

A complete synopsis of Hays County's results with Wasp MobileAsset is documented in a case study that can viewed at Asset Tracking Case Studies.

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