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Wasp Barcode Technologies Launches Inventory Control v6 Featuring Real-Time Visibility

(PLANO, Texas – June 22, 2011) – Wasp Barcode Technologies, a leading provider of small business productivity solutions, today announced the launch of Wasp Inventory Control v6. The updated version of the inventory software features real-time visibility of stock levels, locations and inventory access, enabling SMBs to instantly update inventory data using an 802.11 b./g/n network. 

Building upon Wasp’s strong history in helping SMBs accurately track stock, Wasp Inventory Control v6 RF Professional and RF Enterprise introduce real-time functionality, for up-to-the-minute inventory accuracy. Real-time inventory tracking allows businesses with multiple warehouse staff or rapidly changing stock levels to ensure that data is always current and accurate. Real-time inventory tracking also eliminates the need to batch-transfer data each time information is updated – ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that demand efficiency. In addition, Inventory Control v6 includes free, unlimited technical support for the life of the product and free getting started training. 

“The real-time access to inventory numbers adds another critical dimension to an SMB’s business capabilities,” said Tom O’Shea, general manager of Wasp Barcode Technologies. “All of the new features of Inventory Control v6 are a direct result of feedback from our customers and reseller partners. The new features of Inventory Control v6 - combined with Wasp’s free, unlimited technical support and getting started training – will position our customers for success.” 

Features of Inventory Control v6 RF Professional and RF Enterprise include:

  • Real-time visibility of stock levels, locations and more
  • Update inventory data instantly using 802.11 b/g/n connectivity
  • Use existing 802.11 b/g/n network or the Wasp UnifiTM RF hardware solution
  • liminate the hassle of batch data collection and transfer
  • Free, unlimited technical support for the life of the product
  • Free getting started training

The Standard edition of Wasp Inventory Control v6 software also includes several new features. Users now have the ability to attach images and files to inventory records for easy access, and can utilize multiple inventory valuation methods, including LIFO, FIFO, and Moving Average, allow for more accurate tracking of inventory cost. Additionally, users can import an unlimited number of inventory items from an external source, making it simple to get started with the product. Inventory Control v6 Standard also offers enhanced reporting, allowing users to view additional inventory data. These features are also available in Inventory Control v6 RF Professional and RF Enterprise. 

Wasp Inventory Control v6 is available in three editions: Standard, RF Professional and RF Enterprise. The Standard (Std) edition ($795) offers one PC license and one mobile license. The RF Professional (RF Pro) edition ($2,195) features five PC licenses and one mobile license. The RF Enterprise edition ($3,695) includes the same features as RF Pro, but with unlimited PC user licenses and five mobile licenses. 

For a complete solution, customers can choose from a wide range of packages with barcode scanners, mobile computers, and barcode printers, in addition to the Inventory Control software. Complete solutions with software, a barcode scanner and barcode printer start at $1,495. Mobile solutions with software and a mobile computer start at $1,695, while complete mobile solutions that include software, a mobile computer and barcode printer start at $2,195. 

To learn more about Wasp Barcode Technologies, visit or call 866.547.9277. 

About Wasp Barcode Technologies
Wasp Barcode Technologies provides data capture and tracking solutions designed specifically for small businesses. Solutions include: inventory control, asset tracking, time & attendance, and point of sale (POS); as well as the supporting mobile computers, barcode scanners, and barcode printers utilized to automate operations. Wasp products help small businesses achieve efficiency through cost-effective solutions designed to increase productivity. Learn more at or call 866-547-WASP.

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