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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Boost Their Customer Service

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Boost Their Customer Service As small business owners, it’s important to have a strong and successful support team that you can count on to represent your business. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. Here are a few communication tips and techniques that we believe will help your small business receive positive customer service reviews.   1. Respond to Clients as Soon as Possible Especially when a client is requesting something that is time-sensitive, it is important to remember that speed is everything. There may be times when you do not know the answer or you are waiting to hear back from someone else before you respond. However, in times like these, tell your client what you are waiting for and when you hope to have a solution. That way, you have addressed their issue and they will feel confident that you are paying attention to their request. 2. Go the Extra Mile If a client asks you to do something that you don’t normally do, but won’t cost you a lot of time or resources, why not go the extra mile? One advantage of having a small business is that you can pay more attention to your clients’ needs and dedicate more time to making sure each client is satisfied with your work. If a client trusts you to do something that you don’t normally do, take it as a compliment. 3. Make People Feel Important Every business knows that clients are important; however, how often do you work with a customer service representative and feel anything but important? Making people feel important is the easiest way to set your business apart from the competition. When you have a client with a problem, listen to them and relate to them. Then, let them know what you are going to do to solve the problem. Lastly, make it a top priority and keep the client updated along the way! 4. Be Yourself, Not a Script Another perk of owning a small business is that you have the ability to communicate with each individual client just how you want. There is no need to have a cliché customer service report typed up with blanks to insert the client’s name and problem. Instead, remember to use their first name frequently and always start the conversation by thanking them for their business. Then, let them know how important their business is to you and what you have enjoyed about personally working with them. Respond to their problem by informing them how you will fix the problem and when they can expect the solution. Lastly, make sure they don’t have any other problems or concerns before you end the conversation. 5. Fix Your Mistakes This one should seem obvious, but even today many companies have trouble admitting their mistakes. If something didn’t turn out as promised, let the client know and repair it. If it’s too late to fix, make sure you have a new idea that will satisfy your clients’ needs. Not taking responsibility for your mistakes or flat-out ignoring them is the easiest way to gain a bad customer service reputation. These are our top five ways small businesses can boost their customer service, but there are a lot more out there. What are some easy ways your small business boosts its customer service?