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Inventory Control

What's new in version 7

Designed to help you track inventory accurately and efficiently

Introducing Inventory Control v7 – the next generation in inventory tracking software, from Wasp Barcode Technologies. Design & print labels efficiently with the inclusion of the full-featured WaspLabeler v7. Create drop ship orders shipping directly from your suppliers. Update particular data fields against multiple items or customers instantaneously. Enjoy enhanced email alerts when inventory levels fall below minimum thresholds.

Inventory Control v7 replaces Inventory Control v6 and previous releases. The new Inventory Control v7 is available in 3 editions: Standard, RF Professional, and RF Enterprise. Select the edition that best suits your business, and start enjoying the exciting new features available in Inventory Control v7.

Inventory Control v7 Standard Highlights

New features in Wasp Inventory Control v7 Standard include:
InventoryControl v7 Whats New
Mass Update Customers or Items
Update particular data fields across multiple items or customers instantaneously saving time while reducing confusion.
InventoryControl v7 Whats New
Enhanced Security Module
Set security policies by groups rather than by individual and set access rights to reports.
InventoryControl v7 Whats New
WaspLabeler v7
Quickly create and print standard or custom inventory, asset, shipping, and many other types of labels.

Inventory Control v7 RF Pro and RF Enterprise Highlights

Inventory Control v7 RF Pro and RF Enterprise include the new features available in Inventory Control v7 Standard, plus:
InventoryControl v7 Whats New
Drop Ship Support
Create drop ship orders on existing pick orders where stock levels are insufficient, automatically completing the fulfillment process.
InventoryControl v7 Whats New
Email Alerts
Set up email notifications to be distributed when POs, Pick Orders, and Checked-out items are past due or when items are under stocked.
Features Standard RF Professional RF Enterprise
Check items in or out on a PC or mobile computer
Import / export wizard
Supports multiple sites and locations
Track by serial number, site, lot, date, and more
Audit inventory on a PC or a mobile computer
Custom tracking fields
Assign feature based security to individual users
Alerts – notification of checked-out items past due, low inventory levels, expiring items and more
Pinning function allows for flexible, fast data entry
Create standard and custom barcode labels and tags
Powerful Data Viewer (easily access information)
Attach an image or file to an inventory record for easy access
Track inventory cost using LIFO, FIFO or Moving Average valuation methods
Create and edit new items from your mobile computer
Includes Microsoft SQL Express database
Mass update for item and customer information New!
Now includes the robust WaspLabeler v7 New!
Enhanced security module New!
Named filters for lists and quick search New!
PC clients licenses included 1 5 Unlimited
Mobile computer licenses included 1 1 5
Management reports included 60+ 80+ 80+
Print barcode labels and receipts on any network printer from your mobile device  
Duplicate existing purchase and pick orders New!  
Drop ship support New!  
Create backorders for pick orders New!  
System level inventory forecast report New!  
Email alerts New!  
Insufficient quantity alert for pick order generation New!  
Supports multiple PC's on a network  
Unit breakdowns (during receiving)  
Pick order request and tracking  
Create, print, and e-mail purchase orders   
Generate customized PO #'s and pick order #'s  
Full receiving functionality  
Manage multiple suppliers per item  
Support non-inventory items, including services  
Create kits containing a group of finished goods for
easy managment and removal
Assemble / disassemble components and raw materials to
create finished goods for inventory
Update inventory data in real-time using a mobile computer with wireless connectivity  
Recommended for use with Microsoft SQL Server    


Upgrade Inventory Control Ent. to ICv7 RF Ent. 633808342135
Upgrade Inventory Control Pro. to ICv7 RF Ent. 633808342128
Upgrade Inventory Control Pro. to ICv7 RF Pro. 633808342111
Upgrade Inventory Control Std. to ICv7 Pro. 633808342104
Upgrade Inventory Control Std. to ICv7 Std. 633808342098