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WaspTime Software


WaspTime Time and Attendance Software

WaspTime is a time and attendance system designed to automate employee time tracking and give control over lost time and productivity. Featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, WaspTime dramatically reduces the number of hours required to process employee time records and subsequently, payroll. According to a study by the APA (American Payroll Association), companies today can save up to 4% of annual payroll expenses simply by adopting an automated time and attendance system.

WaspTime is ideal for a wide range of industries where hourly and salaried employee time is tracked, including manufacturing, warehouse & distribution, healthcare, retail, professional and medical offices, government, and educational agencies. It is scalable to grow with your business and offered in Standard, Professional, or Enterprise editions to meet your time tracking needs.


  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • 50 Employee Licenses
  • 1 Manager (Admin) License
  • 1 Concurrent log-in
  • 34 Management and Payroll Reports
  • Tardy/Absence Tracking
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Syncs Payroll with QuickBooks
  • Auto-detection of new or additional clocks
  • Supports Unlimited Departments
  • Supports Ethernet/RJ-45 and POE
  • Attaches photos to employee records
  • Applies DST to Time Cards
  • Includes MS SQL Express Database
  • Restricts Sensitive Data


  • Track employee time, including arrival and departure time, lunch, breaks, overtime, holidays, and absences
  • Establish rules governing how employee time is accounted for (rounding, early clock in or out, overtime)
  • Reduce inconsistencies and errors associated with manual time tracking
  • Increase time card accuracy
  • Minimize payroll processing time
  • Reduce costly payroll and data entry errors
  • Export to your current payroll systems, including QuickBooks, ADP, ADP Web, PayChex, and more
  • Generate more than 30 professional management reports:
    • Total employee work hours by employee and supervisor
    • Employee overtime hours
    • Incomplete time card reports
    • Employee tardy/early out reports
    • Unscheduled employee absences

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