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What's new in version 7

Introducing the newest release of WaspTime – the industry leading time and attendance software solutions from Wasp Barcode Technologies. WaspTime v7 is packed with exciting new features, including enhanced report filtering, designated user report email scheduling, and the ability to add employee pictures.

WaspTime v7 is available in Standard, Professional (Pro), and Enterprise editions.

WaspTime v7 Standard Highlights

New features in WaspTime v7 Standard include:
Report Filtering Icon
Report Filtering
Filter reports by employees, managers, departments, and now groups – enabling quick access to your information.
Clock Icon
Clock Utility
Setup and manage users in multi-clock environments from a single PC. Ideal for companies using multiple clocks and experiencing an increased level of enrollment activity.
Email - Export Icon
Salary Payroll Export
Export payroll for salaried employees, allowing them to avoid clocking in and out.

WaspTime v7 Pro and Enterprise Highlights

WaspTime v7 Pro and Enterprise includes the new features available in WaspTime v7 Standard, plus:
Email Icon
Email/Print Scheduled Reports
Schedule a report to run and automatically print/email the report to designated users when it’s scheduled.
Features Standard Professional Enterprise
Capture employee time with WaspTime clock (arrival time, break in/out, lunch, departure time)
Automatically calculate hours worked & summarize for payroll processing
Track sick days, vacation, conference time
Supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, & monthly payroll pay periods
Allows unlimited employee 'punches' (In/Out captures)
Payroll export for salaried employees New!
Interactive setup and configuration for fast and easy integration
Schedule automatic database backups
Direct import of employees & payroll codes from QuickBooks into WaspTime
Direct payroll transfer from WaspTime into QuickBooks
Connect to other payroll systems, including ADP, ADP Web, PayChoice, MAS50, and PayChex
through file transfer (CSV)
Support multiple clocks on a network (automatic detection)
Setup and manage users in multiple clock environments from a single PC New!
Clocks feature built-in Ethernet/RJ-45 connectivity; Power-over-Ethernet ability
Filter reports by employees, managers, departments, and groups New!
Ability to create custom reports using Crystal Reports
Supports unlimited departments
Customize employee data lists to view anniversaries, departments, phone extensions, and more
Attach photos to employee files New!
Apply daylight savings time to employee time cards
Includes Microsoft SQL Express database
Prevent access to sensitive employee data, including salary and Social Security number
Number of management and payroll reports 34 34 34
Number of employee licenses included (additional licenses may be purchased separately) 50 100 Unlimited
Number of Admin/Mgr licenses included (additional licenses may be purchased separately) 1 5 Unlimited
Number of concurrent (simultaneous) Admin/Mgr log-ins 1 5 Unlimited
Report scheduling with automatic email delivery and printing New!
Role-based security access
Managers can view, edit, and print employee time cards using web interface  
Receive automatic notifications of incomplete time cards, tardy employees, and more  
Ability to install WaspTime on Microsoft SQL Server database    


Standard to Standard v7 WaspTime Upgrade 633808551186
Standard to Professional v7 WaspTime Upgrade 633808550899
Professional to Professional v7 WaspTime Upgrade 633808551193
Professional to Enterprise v7 WaspTime Upgrade 633808550929