The 5 Most Important Inventory Solution Features


Inventory management ensures you have the right amounts of product for consumers and it helps you determine which items sell well and which do not; giving you the ability to adjust product levels accordingly. As a small business owner, you may understand the importance of good inventory management, but choosing the best inventory solution to help your business can seem daunting. How do you ensure you purchase  the best inventory solution for your small business, and which inventory solution features are 100% required?

In order to assist in the decision-making process and to help answer the previous question, we suggest finding an inventory solution that includes the five most important inventory tracking functions.

1. Automated
Using Excel for inventory management doesn’t work. In fact, Excel’s limitations in tracking inventory can cause your business to unnecessarily lose both money and time. Avoid cumbersome manual processes by looking for an automated system. Employees who manually input data into a spreadsheet or who track using pen and paper increase the potential of inventory tracking mistakes.  A solution, like Wasp Inventory Control, that automates as much of your inventory process – using barcodes and scanners – as much as possible, will eliminate significant inventory mistakes.  An automated system also guarantees you find critical data quickly and efficiently.

2. Small Business Accessible
Big businesses with big budgets have the money to invest in an Enterprise level solution; they also have the staff necessary to implement such a large scale inventory system.  For over 18 years, Wasp has focused on assisting small businesses with their inventory needs; which means offering our resources at a reasonable price those small businesses can afford. In addition, we provide free “Getting Started” training covering the initial software set-up and an overview of the software in use to all of our customers.  Your business can easily utilize our inventory solution to improve profitability and purchasing efficiency.

We have a number of small businesses using Wasp Inventory Control.  Visit our website to learn more about their successes.

3. QuickBooks Integration
quickbooksMillions of small businesses use QuickBooks as their accounting software package. Because of its popularity among the small business industry, it’s imperative for other businesses to be able to integrate with this software. Wasp allows its customers to take advantage of integrated financial solutions with the QuickBooks Connector. Once a customer order is picked in Wasp Inventory Control, data flows directly to QuickBooks. By using QuickBooks for accounting in conjunction with Wasp Inventory Control to track and manage your inventory, your business will operate more efficiently and accurately.

4. Mobility
HC1As a small business owner, being mobile allows you to accomplish as much as possible throughout the day. With Wasp’s mobile computer, you can create, edit, move, or remove inventory items on the go and the Inventory Control software is updated instantly. Wireless communication enables real-time inventory data updates from your warehouse, stock room, or supply closet; guaranteeing you will know exactly what is in stock and where items are located at all times.

5. Security
In recent news, several data breaches have exposed important organizational and consumer information. The Wasp Inventory Control solution helps obtain and maintain the data you need to make your business a success and eliminates any stress associated with data security by providing feature-based privileges that ensures data integrity. Feature-based security allows the software administrator the ability to create group privileges and assign the appropriate individuals to each group; therefore, that user will only access the functions he or she needs.

Take part in a free, live demo to learn even more about Wasp Inventory Control.  In about 20-30 minutes, you will have your specific questions answered, and you will see how our solution will solve your inventory management pains.

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Paul Trujillo

Paul Trujillo

Paul Trujillo is a Product Marketing Manager at Informatics specializing in Inventory Warehouse Management and Supply Chain product lines. His nearly 15 years of experience has put him at the forefront of industry technology and developing trends.