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Wasp Inventory Control – the complete inventory tracking system for small businesses. Dramatically increase profitability with an automated, user-friendly approach to inventory management. Inventory Control Software real-time (RF) provides the ability to accurately track inventory, without the expense of a system typically reserved for large businesses.

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Inventory Software & Inventory Management Systems

Inventory Control HC1 Numeric WPL305
  • Inventory Software for Small Business
  • Mobile Computer
  • Barcode Printer
Inventory Control HC1 Qwerty Keyboard
  • Inventory Software for Small Business
  • Mobile Computer
Wasp Inventory Control Software
  • Inventory Software for Small Business
Inventory Control WebModule
  • Add the Inventory Control Web Viewer
    to instantly access inventory data from
    any PC in your network
CountIt DT60 - 633808929480
  • DT60 mobile computer
  • CountIt inventory software
Inventory Control SDK
  • Software Developers Kit for Integration
  • Auto Parts Inventory Tracking Case Study
  • Golf Rental Inventory Management Case Study
  • Parts Inventory Management Case Study
  • Mobile Inventory Tracking Case Study
  • Inventory Control Product Tour
  • What is Inventory Control RF (Real-Time)?
  • HC1 Mobile Computer
  • DT60 Mobile Computer
  • DT90 Mobile Computer
  • WPL305 Desktop Barcode Printer

Inventory Tracking or Asset Tracking?

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    The first step in finding a system is to understand whether you will be tracking assets or inventory. Assets are "permanent" objects that a business uses internally, such as computers, tools, or educational material. Although employees may check assets in or out to use in the office or out on assignment, an asset ultimately belongs to the company and must be returned to the company.

    Inventory tracking, however, refers to objects that are sold, distributed, or otherwise consumed by a company. These "temporary" objects include retail items and office supplies. Use the chart below as a guide to determine if you need an inventory tracking system or an asset tracking system.

    Description Asset Tracking Inventory Tracking
    Objects used internally, such as computers, tools, and educational materials Checkmark
    Track depreciation of company property Checkmark
    Track maintenance on company equipment Checkmark
    Objects are for sale or resale Checkmark
    Ability to track/monitor reorder levels Checkmark
    Objects are “temporary” and/or often replaced, such as paper, pens, and other consumables Checkmark
    Employees may check objects in and out Checkmark Checkmark

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The Myths of Inventory Management

  • You don’t have to be a major retail chain to understand the difficulties associated with accurate inventory tracking. Efficiently tracking inventory can be a major hassle for any business, regardless of size. Businesses today are wasting countless dollars due to their lack of a streamlined automated inventory tracking system.

    Wasted Inventory

    A recently released report showed that just 10% of all distribution centers and warehouses in North America use barcode automation for inventory control. This fact is easily understandable when you consider the large percentage of these businesses that would be considered small businesses. So why do so many small businesses rely on manual or spreadsheet-based inventory management systems?

    Historically, inventory tracking systems were not priced or designed for small companies. Many of these early systems would cost thousands to purchase and install, and required a company to have a dedicated department to manage the system. In addition, many of these inventory tracking solutions had hidden residual costs for annual support agreements. Finally, many of these solutions could not be customized to support the unique requirements of small businesses.

    In contrast, Wasp inventory management solutions are designed specifically to address the inventory tracking needs of small and medium businesses. Inventory software from Wasp is affordably priced for businesses of any size, and is engineered for easy installation and use – without a dedicated team to install or manage your inventory control software. Plus, Wasp inventory software is backed by free technical support for the life of the product, eliminating the expense of costly annual support contracts.

How do Inventory Management Systems Work?

  • Inventory Control Flow Chart
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