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Asset Management Software Case Study: City of Dallas - Wasp Barcode

The City of Dallas’ Department of Intergovernmental Services is serious about assets. Not only are departmental assets expensive, many are used to keep the citizens of Dallas safe and secure. The Department of Intergovernmental Services manages and oversees the purchase of Homeland Security equipment for several operational units throughout the City, MobileAsset Case Studyincluding the Bomb Squad, Urban Search and Rescue team, SWAT, the DPD Intelligence Unit, the Water Department, and Information Technology.

Equipment Tracking Software Case Study: Lipscomb Fire & Rescue – Wasp Barcode

Lipscomb Fire & Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer fire and rescue unit outside Birmingham, Alabama providing fire protection and EMS services for the town of Lipscomb in Jefferson County. After each run, Lipscomb Fire & Rescue restocks their fire trucks with the appropriate equipment to guarantee they are prepared for the next emergency call. The expensive equipment they track includes handsaws, hand tools, hose adaptors and emergency medical equipment, among other valuable items.

Security Equipment Asset Management Case Study: Paladin Security - Wasp Barcode

Based in Sacramento, Calif., Paladin Private Security offers professional patrol services to businesses and residential areas. Paladin operates much like a police force, providing protection, surveillance and security responses to break-ins and other criminal activity. The company puts more than 55 patrol cars on the street and operates around the clock.

School Asset Tracking Case Study: Miami ISD - Wasp Barcode

Public school district needed a better way to manage fixed assets purchased with funds from various sources, with different reporting requirements. Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise Solution eliminated asset loss and reduced annual audit time by 93% district-wide, from 480 hours auditing equipment to just 36 hours.

School Asset Tracking Case Study: Houston ISD - Wasp Barcode

With the regularity of final exams, schools within the Houston Independent District must annually audit all fixed assets, including computers and technology equipment, and file this audit with the District. This arduous task is made even more difficult since it must be completed within a six-week timeframe in school's already busy spring.

University Asset Tracking Case Study: Lone Star College - Wasp Barcode

With over 70,000 students and employees, Lone Star College System (LSCS) owns and operates over 30,000 IT assets. Each of the community college’s five campuses and seven satellite centers was responsible for tracking its own equipment, including laptops, projectors, servers and switches. Many of the locations utilized Access databases or Excel spreadsheets for managing assets.

Sports Equipment Asset Management: Arizona Cardinals – Wasp Barcode

University of Phoenix Stadium is home to the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and also host to various conventions, trade shows, and concerts each year. The scoreboard production department is responsible for putting on not only the 10+ Cardinals football games each fall but they are also tasked with an additional 100-200 sports, entertainment and trade show events a year.

Government Grant Tracking Case Study: Florida Task Force 4 - Wasp Barcode

For the Florida Urban Search and Rescue - Task Force 4, emergencies are part of the daily routine. This specialized team of 180 individuals is available 24 hours a day to respond to all types of disasters and to provide search and rescue, medical support, communications and damage assessment for the State of Florida and other agencies.

Leased Assets Management & Tracking Case Study: Johnson Financial - Wasp Barcode

Johnson Financial Group is a well-known bank and financial services provider based in Racine, Wisconsin. Johnson Financial offers banking and financial services, insurance, mortgages and financial planning services at over 60 locations around the United States. The Johnson Financial IT department is responsible for 8,000 pieces of IT equipment including laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, copiers and servers.

Inventory Control: Racesource - Video

Racesource Inc., part of the race team for monster trucks Grave Digger and El Toro Loco, is also a custom manufacturer of vehicle components for the racing industry. While Grave Digger and El Toro Loco are well known within the monster truck racing industry, Racesource has also gained notoriety for its high quality vehicle parts and components.

Inventory Control: TopGolf - Video

TopGolf is a dynamic entertainment facility that combines the basic elements of golf with cutting-edge technology to create an easy-to-play game for players of all experience levels. Guests play in private hitting bays that accommodate up to five people and include food and drink service, or private event spaces for larger groups. TopGolf is open year-round and has four facilities throughout Illinois, Texas and Virginia.

Inventory Control: Precision Drilling - Video

With Wasp Inventory Control, Precision Drilling can instantly access accurate data on inventory status and location, eliminating unnecessary reordering of parts and overnight shipping fees. Further, Precision can create reports to track suppliers’ delivery times, as well as usage of parts and equipment, for predictable spending and ordering.

Inventory Control for Schools Case Study: University of Oxford - Wasp Barcode

The University of Oxford was the first university in the English-speaking world and for nine centuries has been providing education to people from all parts of the world. The university has more than forty colleges and halls that help to foster the intense interdisciplinary approach that inspires much of Oxford’s outstanding research achievements and makes them a leader in so many fields.

Medical Office Inventory Software Case Study: Orthopaedic Solutions - Wasp Barcode

Orthopedic Solutions, a third-party consulting service, provides comprehensive solutions to enhance ancillary services for orthopedic practices. Specifically designed to increase practice revenue without financial risk, to ensure compliance to Medicare and private payer standards, to decrease purchase costs, and to maximize positive outcomes related to patient satisfaction, Orthopedic Solutions is the financial impact expert.

HVAC Inventory Control Case Study: PCACS - Wasp Barcode

Professional Cooling and Control Systems (PCACS) provides commercial facility management systems with high-performance building automation systems and HVAC services. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, PCACS houses thousands of expensive items that are used to supply automatic HVAC services to customers like large Army, Navy, and Air National Guard bases, along with power plants and civic centers throughout the US and internationally.

HVAC Inventory Management Case Study: ACE A/C & Heating – Wasp Barcode

With 18 employees, Ace A/C & Heating services heating and air conditioning units in and around Fairfax, Va. At its headquarters, the company maintains a warehouse where it stocks the replacement parts its repair technicians need on the job. For nearly three decades, Ace A/C & Heating has provided heating and air conditioning repair service in and around Fairfax, Va.

Barcode Printer Case Study: Philippa Roberts Jewelry - Wasp Barcode

Philippa Roberts Jewelry is a small jewelry production company that specializes in contemporary and organic designs. Founded in 1996, the company originally started out selling its jewelry at various street fairs. As the popularity of Roberts products increased, the company began to grow, opening up a combined retail store/studio shop in Oakland in 2006. They eventually began selling wholesale to galleries, boutiques and museum stores across the country and internationally.

Biometric Employee Time Clock: Homewood Suites

Homewood Suites is best known as a home away from home, providing customers all the comfort they’ve come to expect from a Hilton franchise. In order to offer the comprehensive services that give travelers that “home away from home” feel, staff must coordinate daily duties in a timely, efficient manner.

RFID Employee Time Clock: Pocahontas Aluminum

Pocahontas Aluminum Company Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of aluminum products- specifically windows and doors. The company of approximately 100 employees has established themselves as an innovator in the design and manufacturing capability of aluminum windows and doors and has set industry standards for the quality of products in their category.

Barcode Employee Time Clock: Hugoton Learning Academy

Located in Hugoton, a rural town in Southwest Kansas, Hugoton Learning Academy is a charter school focused on non-traditional education for grades 7 through 12. The school helps a wide range of students, including those who do not function well in traditional schools and those who would like to work while pursuing their high school diploma.

Employee Time Tracking: New England Wood Pellet Co.

New England Wood Pellet LLC produces and distributes pellet fuels throughout several states. The company has more than 60 employees spread over four locations, including two manufacturing facilities in New York, a manufacturing facility in New Hampshire and a headquarters office.

Employee Time Tracking: Afton Manufacturing

Afton Manufacturing creates a wide range of metal products for larger companies in the oil field, air hose, exercise and crane block industries. The company’s 14 employees work in overlapping shifts, with some occasionally putting in up to 12 hours a day.

Employee Time Tracking: Madge Technologies

MadgeTech’s data loggers are used around the world to monitor and record an extensive range of variables, from temperature and humidity to water level, voltage and more. The company employs a total of 32.

Hospital Barcode Labeling Software Case Study: Clark Memorial Hospital - Wasp Barcode

Located in Jefferson, Indiana, Clark Memorial Hospital is where Southern Indiana residents go for state-of-the-art treatment and quality care. Since 1922 Clark Memorial has been a comprehensive medical center providing advanced medical care with a personal touch. Arguably one if its most important services is its pharmacy, which monitors all incoming and outgoing medication from out-patient and in-patient to emergencies.

Label Barcode Software Case Study: WatchGuard - Wasp Barcode

WatchGuard Video is the world’s largest manufacturer of in-car video systems for law enforcement departments. With approximately 5,000 different law enforcement agencies using WatchGuard as their digital in-car video solution, it is crucial that WatchGuard make sure their camera system inventory is properly labeled - specifically the circuit boards.

CountIt Inventory Software: Closets and More

Since 1992, Closets and More has provided end-to-end custom closet installation services for residential customers. Based in Marietta, Ga., and serving the Atlanta area, the company evaluates each customer’s closet space, manufactures a customized solution including shelving and cabinets, and installs the equipment.

Point of Sale Software Case Study: Rod Works - Wasp Barcode

As Rod Works was growing its business, the company struggled to find the right point of sale (POS) solution. In trying out various options, Rod Works fell into the same conundrum faced by many smaller retail businesses. Affordable POS systems marketed to small business lacked the high-level inventory functionality of the enterprise-sized systems used by large chain retailers. Yet these costlier solutions were too time-consuming for the small retailer to learn and use.

Retail Point of Sale Software Case Study: Nicky Nicole - Wasp Barcode

Nicky Nicole, a new children’s clothing store located in Hudson, Ohio needs a point of sale and retail management system that can keep up with such a fashion forward business. The owner, MJ Lehman, wants a data based point of sale system that provides accurate inventory control, sales tracking, and professional customer transactions.

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