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Time & Attendance

Wasp Barcode Technologies is the leading manufacturer of time and attendance systems for small to medium-sized businesses. Select from complete solutions featuring WaspTime software and a biometric (fingerprint), HID , RFID, or barcode time clock.  Free, US-based technical support and Getting Started training is included.

WaspTime Bio Combo
  • WaspTime software with Biometric time clock
  • Fingerprints prevent “buddy punching”
  • No badges needed
WaspTime Barcode Combo
  • WaspTime software with Barcode time clock
  • Most cost effective time keeping option
  • Barcode badges included
WaspTime RF200 Combo
  • WaspTime software with RFID time clock
  • Most efficient for clocking in large groups
  • RFID badges included
WaspTime HD300 Combo
  • WaspTime software with HID time clock
  • Works with 26 and 34 bit badges
  • HID badges not included
WaspTime Software for Time and Attendance
  • Save time and improve payroll accuracy
  • Ensure government compliance

What's New in WaspTime v7?

  • Introducing the newest release of WaspTime - the industry leading time and attendance solution from Wasp Barcode Technologies. WaspTime v7 is packed with exciting new features, including enhanced report filtering, designated user report email scheduling, and the ability to add employee pictures.


WaspTime Brochure

  • WaspTime Brochure

    Learn more about automated time and attendance solutions from Wasp Barcode Technologies. Designed to streamline employee time and attendance tracking, WaspTime delivers improved efficiency in an easy-to-use software solution.


Case Studies

  • Homewood Suites

    Streamlining the clock-in and out process, while reducing errors
    Homewood Suites is best known as a home away from home, providing customers all the comfort they’ve come to expect from a Hilton franchise. In order to offer the comprehensive services that give travelers that “home away from home” feel, staff must coordinate daily duties in a timely, efficient manner.

  • Afton Manufacturing

    Accurately tracking employee time drives big cost savings
    Afton Manufacturing creates a wide range of metal products for larger companies in the oil field, air hose, exercise and crane block industries. The company’s 14 employees work in overlapping shifts, with some occasionally putting in up to 12 hours a day.

  • Madgetech

    Tracking time with barcodes adds up tothousands of dollars, happy employees
    MadgeTech’s data loggers are used around the world to monitor and record an extensive range of variables, from temperature and humidity to water level, voltage and more. The company employs a total of 32.

  • Select Diagnostics

    Select Diagnostics Laboratory
    Towards the end of each month, Select Labs' Toni Seawell closed her office door, gritted her teeth and prepared for the long hours, late nights and high stress associated with preparing payroll for the company's more than 150 employees.

  • WaspTime Case Study - Select Diagnostics
  • Biometric Employee Time Clock
  • Barcode Time Clock
  • RFID Time Clock
  • HID Time Clock
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