Customer Success: Homewood Suites by Hilton

"We were up and running within an hour and we haven’t worried about employee time tracking since then."
- Margo Solis, Manager, Homewood Suites by Hilton® at Denver International Airport
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The Client

Homewood Suites

Homewood Suites is best known as a home away from home, providing customers all the comfort they’ve come to expect from a Hilton franchise. Their Denver International Airport establishment boasts free Wi-fi, a 24-hour business center, on-site convenience store, daily meals, and complimentary grocery service. In order to offer the comprehensive services that give travelers that “home away from home” feel, staff must coordinate daily duties in a timely, efficient manner.

The Challenge

Before Homewood Suites implemented the Wasp biometric time and attendance solution, staff members used magnetic identification (ID) swipe cards to clock in and out. If the card didn’t work – which was often the case – staff could manually enter their ID code. The time tracking system left room for errors, such as lost key cards, ID code discrepancies, and time sheet corrections.

“If an employee arrived to work on time and in full uniform without their ID swipe card, they needed to get manager approval for a manual employee ID punch. The extra steps of tracking down a manager to verify their ID number often made employees late,” said Margo Solis, front office manager, Homewood Suites, Denver International Airport. “The process was extremely frustrating for employees, because all they want is to clock-in and get to work. But on days when their swipe card was forgotten or wasn’t working, they had to track down a manager to verify on the time sheet that they showed up to work.”

To alleviate the burden of a missing ID card, employees began clocking in for one another in order to clock in on time. As such, the company experienced a decrease in employee arrival time accountability. Likewise, an increase in time sheet errors meant employees and managers spent more work time addressing time sheet discrepancies. Constant corrections were being made, staff members weren’t performing their duties on time, and managers were tied up adjusting time sheets. All of these things distracted Homewood Suites by Hilton from their primary focus: making travelers feel at home.

The Solution

After evaluating several time and attendance options, Homewood Suites elected to use Wasp’s biometric time and attendance solution. The competitive price initially attracted Homewood Suites management, who soon discovered just how much more efficient their processes could be. The Wasp solution pairs time and attendance software with a biometric employee time clock. The biometric clock allows employees to clock in and out quickly and easily, using only their fingerprint. The Wasp solution provides accurate, reliable employee time and attendance tracking with very little managerial intervention.

With the Wasp biometric time and attendance solution, employees register their unique employee number by scanning their fingerprint. Easily misplaced and forgotten ID cards were replaced by a sophisticated and accurate tracking mechanism. According to Solis, “Wasp guided us through the software installation. Once that was complete, we registered each employee and input the data. We were up and running within an hour and we haven’t worried about employee time tracking since then.”

The Result

Wasp’s customer support made implementation an easy process for Homewood Suites. “I work in the hospitality industry so I value making someone feel important. I really appreciated Wasp’s customer service and support. I never felt like I was a number or an inconvenience,” said Solis.

The Wasp biometric time and attendance solution gives Solis an accurate reading of punches, lunch breaks, and time off. “Whether you’re downloading information about five employees or 50, it takes less than two minutes to pull a report,” Solis said. “The Wasp time and attendance solution does its job – ensuring that every Homewood Suites employee can focus on more important items. To ensure our hotel runs smoothly, we have to prioritize everything, and clocking in and out shouldn’t be our top priority. With the Wasp time and attendance solution, we don’t have to worry about our time sheets.”

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