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What Wasp Asset Customers Say

"AssetCloud can be accessed from different locations with no confusion. The improvement we saw over our old system of using pen and paper made a huge difference for us in the field. I would recommend using AssetCloud to other nonprofits and organizations because of how easy it is to use."

- Alvin, Digital Health Specialist - View Case Study

“Our assets were harder to track before using AssetCloud. Our annual inventory process took much longer before using the software and scanning system. By using AssetCloud, we have a simple and more accurate way of tracking.”

- Jeanette, Asset Management Coordinator - View Case Study

"Life before Wasp was an every afternoon challenge. Trying to understand what was in house, coming in that day or needing to be routed was a true resource drain. AssetCloud was “ibuprofen” for our process and the headache is gone!"

- John, Director of Operations - View Case Study

“The Department of Intergovernmental Services’ asset tracking program has been so successful that other departments often ask to use our Wasp system so they can track their assets. The other departments have seen how successful we have been and want to make their program run just as efficiently.”

- Dina, Fund Analyst - View Case Study

“I estimate that we save the equivalent of $30,000 in time, just on the reduced field auditing alone. I really don’t know how any government property manager could operate without something like Wasp. It has simplified my life.”

- Terry, Property Manager - View Case Study

"I love the idea of using the mobile device. It provides an ongoing and automated way for me to update the equipment each and every day. It’s been a big time saver as I am constantly verifying our inventory."

- Erskine, Campus Network Specialist - View Case Study

"Our employees are just happy to have a system that works all of the time. We would definitely recommend Wasp and InventoryCloud and already have to others in our industry. We all liked the consistency of InventoryCloud. It is always reliable."

- Sean, Operations Manager - View Case Study

"Manually tracking inventory was an inefficient system that affected all locations. Now, our inventory is accurate and everyone is connected. Our whole process has been improved - and works effortlessly. I no longer have to wait for someone else’s information to do my job."

- Bryan, Inventory Analyst - View Case Study

"The system was extremely easy to use and the support from Wasp was incomparable when questions arose. I highly recommend Wasp’s solutions to anyone that is responsible for inventory control – regardless of technical experience - because it is so intuitive."

- Paul, Vice President - View Case Study

"InventoryCloud has incredible capabilities; I have already recommended it to another Big 12 school that came to our facility for a tour! Wasp customer service really stood out. We were able to easily request help to customize reports."

- Brittany, Graduate Assistant - View Case Study

"There’s so much money tied up in equipment, you really need to know and track your inventory. This system has saved tens of thousands of dollars, improved the repair process and made my job much more enjoyable. It’s easily paid for itself in less than six months."

- Lee, Parts Technician & Purchaser - View Case Study

"Financial regulations required us to have a robust stock control system while needing to know what should be reordered and where items were located across the city. Wasp was able to provide all of this with its unique barcode labeling solution."

- Jemima, IT Support Officer - View Case Study

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