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Out-of-the-box inventory control solutions.

Wasp takes the uncertainty out of selecting essential components for an effective inventory control system.
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How Inventory Control Benefits Your Business

Business Owner

Stop worrying about costly write-offs at the end of the year that can substantially impact your business and take full control of your bottom line.

Warehouse Manager

Quickly know what items you’re running low on, know what orders have not shipped yet, and receive alerts on important inventory information. Go from chaos to control in a matter of days!

Warehouse Team

Tasks like receiving, pulling orders, and putting up inventory that use to take hours, can now be completed in minutes. Your job will be easier, and we’ll be able to improve the service provided by the warehouse.

Sales Manager

Disappointing your customers because orders did not ship out will be a thing of the past. Make commitments to customers that you have confidence that your business can fulfill.

Inventory Control Software

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As Your Inventory Moves, So Moves You

Wasp inventory solutions allow you to go to your inventory instead of bringing it back to your PC. Receive, add, and remove inventory, and quickly conduct audits to ensure you know what you have and where you have it.

Integrated Report Engine for Customized Tagging Options

Our report engine allows users to select from a range of customized tagging options including employee/staff tags, customer/student tags, and site/location tags. The user has the ability to customize the tags to contain the data that is relevant to their business.

Pre-Built Reports and Notifications for Instant Insight

Quickly get the information you need to manage your inventory and suppliers with over 70 pre-built reports. Even receive notification of low inventory levels, expiring items, check-out items past due, and more.

Inventory Management on Mobile Device

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