Customer Success: Connexion

"Life before Wasp was an every afternoon challenge. Trying to understand what was in house, coming in that day or needing to be routed was a true resource drain. AssetCloud was 'ibuprofen' for our process and the headache is gone!"
- John Sejud, Director of Operations, Connexion
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The Client


Connexion, based in Chicago, distributes electrical products and provides energy solutions. The company employs over 100 people across its four office locations, with one main distribution center and three branches in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Founded in 2007, Connexion has become one of the preeminent electrical equipment and supply providers in the midwest. Connexion provides a wide array of leading electrical and lighting products, design services, expert application support and customized, integrated solutions meeting the unique needs of their clients.

The Challenge

John Sejud, director of operations at Connexion, said his team was struggling to track expensive company assets. “We send out large metal spools for wire, custom carts and other equipment for customer use,” said Sejud. “We were having a difficult time tracking where assets were located and how long those assets were out.” As a result, Connexion was losing valuable capital assets and having unnecessary shortages due to long turnaround times and lack of visibility.

The Solution

Connexion needed to find an asset management system that allowed them to stop searching for available assets. “If we don’t have a reel stand or a cart in stock, we are losing money,” said Sejud. “Wasp’s AssetCloud has been a money maker for us. Instead of wasting time and energy chasing down and replacing assets, we can focus on our core business.”

Easy to Scale

Across Connexion’s four offices, the company now has several employees tracking over 200 asset types at 12 unique sites using AssetCloud.

Easy to Implement

According to Sejud, implementing Wasp’s asset tracking solution has made a dramatic impact on daily operations. “Life before Wasp was an every afternoon challenge,” said Sejud. “Trying to understand what was in house, coming in that day or needing to be routed was a true resource drain. AssetCloud was 'ibuprofen' for our process and the headache is gone!”

Easy to Onboard

After initial implementation, Connexion employees were trained by a Wasp AssetCloud expert to make the technology transition seamless. With the accelerated onboarding, employees were able to more quickly eliminate the daily search for assets and better allocate their time to income producing activities.

The Result

Connexion’s asset management issues were the typical time-consuming, money-draining fiasco many other companies suffer. Now with AssetCloud, Connexion has vastly improved asset management. “It’s hard to put a price tag or definitive ROI on what AssetCloud has meant to us, but clearly we have gained traction on this segment of our process! Thanks, Wasp!”

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