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What are the Advantages of 2D Barcodes?

Small businesses wanting to make a big impact with customers can utilize 2D barcodes.  2D barcodes can include more information in the code than their 1D counterpart, like price, quantity, web address or even an image. Small business owners constantly need to be improving to stay ahead of the … [Read more...]

What is a Barcode Printer?

How businesses are using barcode printers to cut costs and increase quality In the days before the proliferation of barcodes, businesses large and small relied on clerks to manually input data about packages, ensure inventory control and keep costs down while still maintaining speedy service. … [Read more...]

How 2D Barcode Scanners Improve Healthcare

You may not associate 2D Barcode technology with saving lives in the field of medicine, but the truth is barcodes and 2D barcode scanners play an increasingly important role in the healthcare industry and have been responsible for saving thousands of lives. Barcodes are so essential to the proper … [Read more...]

How to Turn your iPhone or Android into a Barcode Scanner

QR codes have become an effective tool for advertisers and companies because of the smartphone.  Customers are able to connect directly with a company’s message or be taken directly to a website by simply scanning the code.   Additionally, the simple barcode can be scanned into a variety of … [Read more...]

7 Important Facts about 2D Barcodes

When was the last time you thought about a barcode? It was probably while in line at the grocery store when there was a problem with one of your item’s barcode and you had to wait while the clerk called for a price check. But barcodes and barcode technology have been an incredibly important … [Read more...]

5 Key Benefits of Barcode Software

From healthcare to education, the uses of barcodes are far-reaching and, as a result, so are the benefits of the software used to create and scan these barcodes. Aren’t using barcode software yet? Here are five key benefits of barcode software that might just make you change your mind: Easily … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to use Laser Barcode Scanners

The ubiquitous barcode scanner has been with us for decades. It fills the need for accurate, timely capture and use of inventory data, with applications from the checkout stand to the complex inventory management systems of major corporate and government organizations. It has rendered obsolete … [Read more...]

2D Barcode Scanners: Increased Efficiency

A 2D Barcode scanner can save your business time and money while avoiding costly manual data entry errors. By rapidly and accurately scanning 2D barcodes and QR codes, you can associate products, images, definitional codes, and easily load and update the status of individual inventory items. Barcode … [Read more...]

Barcode Scanners: How Do They Work?

As consumers, we see barcodes and barcode scanners used all the time: purchasing from any retail store, renting a car, attending major events, flying, and even going to the doctor. They’re in our social media apps and on store windows. Barcodes are more than lines and spaces on individual … [Read more...]

Ultimate Guide To Barcode Scanner Apps For Iphone & Android

A question we get around here a lot is "how do I scan barcodes with my phone?" From inventory management to consumer awareness, there are many ways to use barcode scanning technology; additionally, there are convenient barcode scanner apps available for both iphone (iOS) and Android phones. A … [Read more...]