5 ways for small business owners to reduce stress

According to Bolt Insurance, 44% of small business owners believe the stress of running their business has damaged their health. Below are ways for small business owners to eliminate stress.


According to a study by Bellevue University, 65% of Americans are stressed to their limits. Be sure to maintain a healthy work/life balance and take time off work. When you do manage to get away…unplug. Turn off your mobile device and don’t check email. Truly enjoy being away, so you are rejuvenated and ready to attack your to-do list when you return.

Ask for Help

As the owner of a small business, you are in charge of a variety of responsibilities. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be the only one to take care of everything. Be sure to ask for help and delegate tasks to experienced individuals.  Small business owners that keep the burden of their to-do list will only burn out faster.  Stephen Covey shares a quality time management model that might work for you.


For small businesses, it’s imperative to automate as many processes as you can to eliminate stress, improve efficiency and streamline your business. Wasp offers inventory tracking systems for small businesses to save them time and money, while alleviating stress.

Simplify Business Travel

If you are a small business owner that does a lot of traveling, it’s important to make traveling as stress-free as possible. Wasp provides five tips for making travel simple.

Use Mobile Apps

According to Constant Contact, 66 percent of small business owners surveyed currently use a mobile device. There are a number of mobile apps available to help small business owners manage their organization. There are apps to help you stay organized, help you improve productivity and manage finances.

Avoid the burnout track: keep stress down by implementing simple changes that can save time and alleviate frustration.

 What do you do to eliminate stress? What tricks do you use? What apps do you rely on? Share your best stress-free tips below.

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Wasp Barcode

Wasp Barcode

Wasp Barcode Technologies is a barcode manufacturer that provides data capture and tracking solutions designed specifically for small business. While designed for small businesses, the same attributes appeal to departments and local offices of larger organizations. Wasp solutions are ready-to-use, right out-of-the-box and aren’t simply scaled down versions of complicated enterprise products. With Wasp Barcode, owners and managers will spend less time learning new products and more time running their companies.
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  • bloggerpalooza

    Good advice Jessica. Sometimes we need to hangout with our friends like as picnic in the beautiful garden, so relaxing. And I want to add that it is necessary to eat stress reliever fruits and vegetable for a good fit, it may helps.

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    • jessirj

      Thanks, bloggerpalooza. Good feedback!

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  • Guest

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