SMB News Recap December 2012

A Wave of Start-Ups Helps Small Companies Outsource Their Tasks
New York Times
During the holiday season many small businesses find themselves burdened with small, yet important, tasks to accomplish before the new year. Several startups have pushed to the forefront and offer several services to take action items off SMB’s plates. For example, Fiverr, “the world’s largest place for small services”, designs business cards and letterheads, sends out hand-written cards, edits newsletters and makes short commercial videos, all in an effort to take the smaller tasks and free up time.

Holiday Do’s and Don’ts for the Small Business Owner
Huffington Post
Holidays can be costly for small business owners, from closing down the store, stalling shipments and losing employees to vacation time; basically, business gets interrupted. A couple do’s and don’ts include, don’t send out a ‘holiday wishes’ email blast, do splurge a little and send a nice card; and, do have an office celebration, don’t go over-board and get too drunk.

Franchises are Expected to Outpace Other Industries in 2013
Uncertainty about the economy and fiscal issues will play a factor into the growth of franchise; however, the industry is expected to rise by 1.4% to 757,055 in 2013. Adding a whopping 162,000 job in 2013, the industry self-proclaims that it won’t be hitting a home run in growth. An interested statement as this projection brings the total of anticipated jobs to 8.26 million.

What Every Small-Business Owner Should do Before the Year Ends
A few action items should be completed before you allow yourself to go from motivated to merry, including tacking taxes, because they’ll be even trickier due to the fiscal cliff; target new partners by brainstorming your top 100; and, take stock of your situation through revenue analysis.

Holiday Spending Not Lifting the Spirit of Small Business Owners
National Federation of Independent Business
Unfortunately, holiday shopping won’t be enough to speed the economic recovery unless Washington steps in, says NFIB’s chief economist, Bill Dunkelberg. Dunkelberg grimly predicts that Washington will create a higher tax bill, more new EPA and healthcare regulations and another trillion-dollar deficit.

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