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Wasp School Asset Software

MobileAsset.EDU makes it easy to manage assets by funding source and saves you valuable time.


School Asset Tracking Software for Education

Asset tracking designed for education makes it simple to manage your school's valuable assets - from software and IT assets, to vehicles, tools, and more. Instantly locate your assets, eliminate time spent searching for missing items, and stop unnecessarily replacing lost assets. Free, US-based technical support and Getting Started training is included.

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School Asset Tracking Software for Education

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  • Asset Tracking Software
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Asset Tracking Software for Education – iPhone & iPad

MobileAsset.EDU complete solutions include everything you need to account for the valuable assets used to run your educational institution – from software and IT assets, to furniture, media equipment, and much more.  Complete solutions come with a mobile computer, for managing assets any time you’re away from your desk (whether that’s a building across campus or another school within the district); an integrated barcode labeling software; a barcode label printer for creating asset tags; and over 1300 polyester asset tags. Tracking your institution’s assets just got easier with the MobileAsset App; download from the App Store or Google Play and begin using your existing iPhone, iPad, or Android device.  Lifetime technical support and free Getting Started training is included to get you up and running fast.

MobileAsset.EDU Professional Features:

  • Manage assets anywhere with existing iPhones, iPads, and Android devices
  • Sync mobile device data anywhere with a network or cellular connection
  • Track the funding source used to purchase assets
  • Link multiple assets to a parent asset for easy tracking and management
  • Closely manage asset contracts
  • Receive email alerts of past-due maintenance, overdue checked-out items, and expired contracts
  • Create unlimited custom fields to ensure a perfect fit for your environment
  • Track how many software licenses are owned by your institution and how many are currently available
  • Instantly view 61 powerful management reports, including: transaction and audit history, check-out reports, and maintenance records
  • Utilize 5 depreciation methods, including:
    • Straight-line
    • Double-declining balance
    • 150% declining balance
    • Declining balance custom
    • Sum-of-the-years’ digits

Manage Your Institution’s Assets

  • Design the MobileAsset.EDU dashboard to display important notifications, charts & graphs, or abbreviated lists
  • Check assets in or out to staff and students
  • Transfer asset responsibility to another individual while checked out
  • Track assets by site, location, department, item number, and serial number
  • Move assets by location, department, purchase order or custom filter
  • Edit a selected group of assets instantly using the mass update feature
  • Capture purchase order, invoice, and warranty details
  • Attach any type of file to an asset for easy reference including hyperlinks
  • Audit your assets on a PC or mobile device
  • Easily import and export data from external sources using the integrated Wizard
  • Use data-pinning to streamline data entry for multiple assets of the same type
  • Schedule routine asset maintenance

What customers are saying

“It is a big deal to make sure grant dollars are being spent properly. If something is purchased with special education dollars, it has to physically stay in the special education department. MobileAsset makes it easy to manage assets by funding source.”
Jason Garrison, Miami Public Schools - Read the Case Study

“The replacement money comes from the school’s funds. There are much better things we can use the money for than replacing technology we own but can’t find.”
Erskine Vanderbilt, Houston ISD Middle School - Read the Case Study
“MobileAsset is ideal for our environment,” Brooks pointed out. “The software is easy to use and maintain, which is vital since many of our employees are students and turnover is common. Wasp provides free, online training, minimizing the learning curve and training preparation.”
Nishae Brooks, Lone Star College Systems - Read the Case Study
MobileAsset EDU

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Asset Tracking or Inventory Tracking?

  • White Paper

    The first step in finding a solution is to understand whether you are dealing with assets or inventory. Assets are "permanent" objects that a business uses internally, such as IT equipment, computers, tools, or educational material. Although employees may check the object in or out to go out on an assignment, or even use at home, an asset ultimately belongs to the company and must be returned to the company. Inventory, however, refers to objects that are sold, distributed, or otherwise consumed by a company. These "temporary" objects include retail items and office supplies. To begin, compare your objects with the chart below to determine what kind of solution is right for you.

    Description Assets Inventory
    Objects used internally, such as computers, tools, and educational materials Checkmark
    Track depreciation of company property Checkmark
    Track maintenance on company equipment Checkmark
    Objects are for sale or resale Checkmark
    Ability to track/monitor reorder levels Checkmark
    Objects are “temporary” and/or often replaced, such as paper, pens, and other consumables Checkmark
    Employees may check objects in and out Checkmark Checkmark
  • Which solution do you need?       Asset    Inventory

School Asset Tracking Product Tour

  • Take a guided tour of the asset tracking capabilities available in Wasp MobileAsset v6 in this brief Flash video. See MobileAsset software in action, and learn more about how asset tracking can benefit your business.


Asset Tracking Case Studies – School & Universities

  • Paladin

    Lone Star College Automates Asset Management for Big Savings
    With over 70,000 students and employees, Lone Star College System (LSCS) owns and operates over 30,000 IT assets. Each of the community college’s five campuses and seven satellite centers was responsible for tracking its own equipment, including laptops, projectors, servers and switches. Many of the locations utilized Access databases or Excel spreadsheets for managing assets.

  • Ft Hood

    District-Wide Asset Management Keeps Resources in the Classroom
    Public school district needed a better way to manage fixed assets purchased with funds from various sources, with different reporting requirements. Wasp MobileAsset Enterprise Solution eliminated asset loss and reduced annual audit time by 93% district-wide, from 480 hours auditing equipment to just 36 hours.

  • Houston ISD

    Asset-Tracking Solution Takes Houston Middle School to the Head of the Class
    With the regularity of final exams, schools within the Houston Independent District must annually audit all fixed assets, including computers and technology equipment, and file this audit with the District. This arduous task is made even more difficult since it must be completed within a six-week timeframe in school's already busy spring.


MobileAsset Brochure

  • MobileAsset Brochure

    Wasp MobileAsset is the industry-leading asset tracking solution for small to medium-sized businesses. MobileAsset is ideal for managing the asset-tracking needs of IT departments, government and educational agencies, healthcare, and small to large companies across the globe.


What are Assets?

  • Every company uses hundreds of assets on a daily basis. An “asset” is any item that a business uses internally, such as IT equipment, office equipment, tools, educational materials, etc. Wasp asset tracking software can accurately and efficiently manage any asset you choose to put in the system. Rather than wasting time searching for and replacing lost assets, you can now keep track of all your valuable assets with a convenient, easy-to-use complete asset tracking solution. In addition to IT equipment, tools, and objects, you can also track software licenses and contracts.

    Commonly tracked assets include:
    IT equipment Laptops
    Office equipment Instruments
    Pieces of evidence Videos
    Medical equipment Educational material
    Shared tools And much more!
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