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Security "With a Touch of a Button"

Touch Memory Buttons are a relatively new identification technology that utilizes memory circuits sealed into small, button-sized stainless steel containers. With just one touch from a reader or probe, a data communication path is established. The data is transferred through the stainless steel lid into the memory chip to initiate a read or write. The container protects the chip from dirt and corrosion and can be attached to almost any object. These memory buttons can hold several thousand bytes of information and are often used in harsh environments where contact reading is acceptable. These memory buttons are in essence a portable data file that can electronically travel with an object that is not only secure but reliable.

These memory buttons are used extensively for access control and guard tour programs. For example, if your company requires a guard to tour your campus to regularly patrol the premises, touch memory can substantially value add to this procedure by electronically recording the times at which security control points are checked and by eliminating the old-fashioned pen and paper. No more guessing as to whether a checkpoint was secured or not. Touch memory probes are relatively inexpensive and several third-party software packages exist for types of security applications.

Memory buttons are now being employed to track postal collection times, attendance at work and trade shows, and vehicle maintenance. Healthcare, financial access control and warehousing are other potential market areas.