5 Mobile Apps to Simplify The Tax Season

Preparing for the tax season is a year long process that leaves little room for organizational error.  While it may be too late to help with this year’s tax submissions, it’s never too early to start planning for next year. After scouring the web, we came up with a list of apps that will help you prepare for tax time 2012. Whether you’re a small business owner, or a tax-paying individual, be sure to include these mobile apps in your arsenal of tax-prep tools.

1. iDonatedIt –(iPhone) This app allows you to keep track of all of your charitable donations. Planning on donating an old laptop, printer, or office furniture? This app makes it easy to track the market value of each item, donation date, and charity name. Plus, you can use your camera’s phone to snap images of the donated items.

2. Tax Answers by H&R Block – (iPhone) Not sure how to file, or what documents you’ll need? Wondering what your tax bill is going to look like this year? With this app, you can view the answers to FAQs asked by other filers, estimate your refund, get a checklist of the documents you’ll need, or get up to speed on tax terms that have you stumped. It’s like having an accountant in your pocket.

3. Receipt Filer Lite – (Android) Ideal for the business traveler; this app lets you photograph each receipt from your purchases and categorize them for easier filing. This keeps expense tracking simple and paper-free – no more physical copies of receipts to fill out your wallet.

4. TaxCaster Mobile by TurboTax – (Android, iPhone) Tired of crunching numbers? In just a few minutes, this little app will give you an idea of how much money you will owe the federal government, or how much they owe you. Simply enter your information – like income and deductions – and it’ll do the calculations for you. It is a great tool to quickly estimate your potential tax liability.

5. Tax Tracker by PocketBook Professor – (iPhone) Similar to the Receipt Filer Lite, this app will assist you in organizing all of your daily expenses, so you are prepared when tax season arrives. In addition to storing photos of expenses receipts, this handy app will calculate mileage and even export to a spreadsheet. So you can keep your expenses neatly organized by category, without sorting through fistfuls of receipts.

The proper tools can help you stay on the right track all year long – making tax season stress-free, and helping you get your taxes done way ahead of schedule. Because nothing is worse than waiting until the last minute to file your taxes. Right?

Do you have a favorite mobile app that made this year’s tax season less tedious?
Share it with us in the comments below.

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