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A Barcode's Ability to Save More than Just Your Business

  iStock_000007804869 There was once a time, not too long ago, when grocery store clerks would manually enter information about each item that rolled across their desk. Now, checking out at any retail register is more of a completely automatic process. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1970’s when the first commercial implementation of bar coding was used. Barcodes revolutionized the way organisations operate and save businesses on a daily basis from suffering demise.   If your small to medium sized business has not yet joined the barcode revolution, you might want to reconsider in order to immediately start promoting growth and receiving important benefits. According to Wasp Barcode, the reasons that barcodes have been so successful in businesses worldwide include:
  • They can easily create quick custom labels
  • They simplify tracking with continued serial numbers
  • They eliminate data entry errors
  • They improve accuracy with database connectivity
  • They improve efficiency
So there you have it! Barcodes have the ability to save your business and correct any errors you might have had prior to implementing them… but what about the intangible assets barcodes provide? What about the benefits that go beyond redeeming your business?


Prior to upgrading to Wasp’s WWS450H, All About Kids, an American healthcare service provider of newborns and children up to 18 years of age, was a satisfied customer of Wasp’s WLS9500, a workhorse with a laser scan engine. “For over five years we have continued to use Wasp’s barcode scanners because they are just so easy to use and eliminate paperwork entirely,” said Pat Cassidy, Front Office Manager at All About Kids Pediatrics

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Bad waste practices are costing the UK at least £15bn each year, according to Envirowise. The average office worker prints 1,584 sheets of paper in one month, out of the nation’s 25 million office workers. That is A LOT of paper. Since implementing barcode software, your business no longer needs to track products with paper and pen. Barcode scanners lower the overall amount of paper needed in your company and help practice a green workforce. Could you image how much waste could be prevented if every business used barcode software? iStock_000009978859


“Happy wife, happy life” has been said for centuries, but what about when it comes to a happy organisation? Here’s your answer: happy employees. [Tweet "Bad waste practices are costing the UK at least £15bn each year!"] The importance of retaining good employees could save you around £50,000. We’ve discovered this statistic is especially vital for small businesses. In fact, research from PayScale.com shows more millennial work for small businesses (less than 100 employees) than any other company size. So exactly how do barcode scanners contribute to employee satisfaction? KDL Pathology, a state-of-the-art laboratory specializing in dermatopathology, implemented WaspLabeler +2D Software. “WaspLabeler +2D solution was the best deal, and was easy to use right from the beginning. I remember thinking that it would take an IT guy to use it successfully. Fortunately, that isn’t the case and employees with all levels of technology experience have been able to grasp the process and use WaspLabeler +2D successfully,” said Rodney Coe, systems administrator for KDL. KDL didn’t have to worry about losing good employees due to technological changes. Instead, they were able to improve their employees’ experience and lower their amount of human error.


 We’ve all heard it before, and being a small to medium sized business owner, you truly want that to be the case every time. However, the system your organisation operates on can actually affect your customers’ satisfaction. Other than the obvious speeding up check out times whether you’re at the grocery store, clothing store or a movie theatre, barcodes have the ability to increase customer satisfaction by a marginal percentage. In fact, Wasp barcode scanning solutions reduces All About Kids’ medication administration documentation time by 50%. “In my previous experience it took a long time to track the lot number of the vaccine, the company from which it came, its expiration date, the place on the body the shot was given, name of the staff member who was giving the shot, paperwork provided to patient and parent signature, it could take up to 30 minutes to give one shot,” said Cassidy. So what does this mean for the customer satisfaction? With less time to worry about computing and recording calculations, employees find themselves with more time to pay attention to the customer. Any successful business operation has a strong employee-customer bond. Plus, satisfied customers will be more likely to provide good reviews. When investing in any type of IT software for your organisation, it’s good to know that it actually works, it was worth the money and it’s going to make your company’s system flow easier. Once you’ve got that down, what are you left with? A barcode system that gets the job done… or a system that does more than that. When you implement the right barcode software, you have the ability to help reduce waste in your nation, keep your employees satisfied and actually guarantee customer satisfaction amongst a mount of other intangible assets. How would implementing barcodes save your company money and improve your customer's experience?