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Benefits of Choosing the Right Retail POS Software


Not all Retail POS Software are Equal

When growing businesses find they must choose their retail point of sale systems, they quickly discover those available do not all have the same capabilities. That was the case with Rod Works as it experienced successful growth. Unfortunately, making the change to different systems during ongoing operations can create an unpleasant situation for the company, employees, and, most importantly, customers. What Rod Works management found as they researched solutions was a lack of enterprise-level functionality; particularly relative to interfacing with inventory. To effectively compete with the large firms in their niche, this created an unacceptable compromise. Finding an affordable solution seemed an unachievable task. Additionally, the company found some of the POS vendors expected them to change their business to fit their product – not the other way around. This situation was even more intolerable because of Rod Works’ progressive management perspective. Their desire was to use current operating results to plan for and adjust to future business expectations. They simply weren’t getting the information they needed to achieve this essential planning.

Finding the Right Balance

balancing your retail pos software choicesFortunately, Rod Works found the right balance between cost, ease-of-use, and functionality with the QuickStore retail POS software from Wasp Barcode Technologies. With full enterprise-level design, the system provided the multi-location capabilities critical to providing the desired level of information. While providing the ability to grow rapidly, the initial installation allowed management to effectively communicate with:
  • Four retail locations
  • Two clearance centers
  • Warehouse operations
  • Corporate headquarters
Additionally, management found Wasp team members were willing and able to add special features to their specific system. This included exporting reports to a proprietary template used to make the warehouse operations more efficient. Installed five years ago, the positive impact is evident on several fronts. First, customers receive a notably higher level of service and response to inquiries about inventory and in-stock items. Secondly, the company achieved a new level of efficiency between its retail stores and warehouse. Achieving the efficiency the company desired resulted in a previously unattainable effectiveness and speed in keeping stores properly stocked. From picking products to moving them to the store and tracking them to purchase, each step represents an opportunity to save money and serve customers more effectively. Now, the centralized database, updated in real-time with the QuickStore barcode technology, allows a full review of inventory at all levels at any time. Prior to installation of the QuickStore solution, product and inventory was shuttled between the warehouse and different stores on a daily basis. More importantly, there was no real insight into what inventory was where at any given time, just historical information. This ineffective process was not only expensive, it frequently failed to meet the needs of customers and store personnel. With the special changes provided by Wasp, the company now has a process allowing it to manage inventory at the bin level and can quickly and efficiently locate any item in the warehouse or stores. That one change has produced a 65 percent reduction in man-hours invested simply in picking inventory for the retail locations. In addition to improved customer service, the savings in picking costs and enhanced levels of real-time management information, QuickStore retail pos software provides other savings at several levels of operation. Labor costs in the warehouse have been reduced. Deliveries at stores are now scheduled every other day instead of daily, saving costs for such deliveries and greatly improving the efficiency of store operations. This provides Rod Works the operational efficiencies it needs to effectively compete with the large chains in its niche.

More Than Retail Point of Sales

The implementation of QuickStore point of sale software certainly solved the point-of-sale need for Rod Works. However, it achieves much more on a daily basis. The direct benefits include providing:
  • Savings on inventory carrying costs and reordering costs
  • Savings in warehouse operations
  • Efficiencies in daily operations
  • Management information in a timely manner and at a useful level of detail
  • Constantly updated inventory information
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and service
Quickstore retail pos softwareThe intangible benefits to the future of Rod Works continue to accrue. Neither employees nor customers are asked to lower their expectations to deal with or work for a “small company.” The continued customization and modifications made to QuickStore allow the company to adapt to its market and customer expectations. Maintaining a competitive position is made more realistic with the capabilities of Wasp’s QuickStore system.