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5 Expectations Every Good Boss Demands

Expectations Every Good Boss Demands Employees are always looking for ways to impress you, the boss. Sometimes they think they know what you want, but fall short of meeting your expectations.  To keep you happy and your small business productive, here are a few suggested expectations to demand from your employees. 1. Be Open and Honest Ensuring trust with your employees is a two-way street. As a business owner, you need to be honest about issues at hand. But it’s just as important that your employees be open with you. Encourage your employees to tell you the truth, even if it’s bad news. There’s nothing worse than finding out one of your employees has been making errors, but not informing you. 2. Find Common Ground We’re not saying you have to be best friends with your employees. That’s certainly not the case, but it is wise to find similar traits and common ground between one another. This may include similar tastes in music, sports teams, or other recreational activities (golf, running, biking, etc.). The more you can find in common the better off you’ll be in establishing and nurturing great company culture. 3. Take Time to Volunteer Community service is a great bonding activity for employees, but that’s not what we’re referring to. Encourage your employees to be willing to take on new tasks, even if they are not assigned to them specifically. Deadlines must be hit and when you’re in need of some additional help, it’s nice to know your employees have your back and can pick up the slack. 4. Play Together Nicely Your happiness meter will be at its highest when your employees get along with one another. Don’t let you employees gripe and complain about tasks. This negativity towards work will quickly spread throughout the office, which is why it’s important to continually nurture company culture and team-building exercises. 5. Don’t Be Late This is a no brainer, but it’s one that needs to be addressed. When your employees are missing deadlines and walking through the door at an unreasonable hour, it’s not doing any good for your small business. It’s also likely causing you unwanted stress. In addition, tardiness can have ill effects on other coworkers too. Timeliness is just one characteristic of a good employee; find out what other characteristics make a solid employee. Every boss deserves the right to run a successful business and be happy. Sure there will be bumps in the road every now and then, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be managing your business with less stress in no time.