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Keeping Tabs on Employee Performance: 5 Key Factors to Measure

Keeping Tabs on Employee Performance: 5 Key Factors to Measure How productive are your employees? Are they meeting your goals and expectations? As a small business owner, it’s imperative to know and understand how your employees are contributing to your business. To do so, you need to be measuring and tracking each employee’s work performance. This doesn’t mean every six months or so. In fact, it’s recommended to continuously keep tabs on employee performance throughout the year. To better measure and evaluate your employees’ performance, we’ve listed 5 factors for you to track throughout the entire year. Punctuality One of the easiest ways to measure the performance of an employee is to track when he or she is not at work. If the employee is consistently walking through the door 10-15 minutes late, or frequently misses days, not only are they not performing to their full potential, but also other co-workers performance could be in jeopardy. Appearance You’ve issued a dress code to your employees, but are you constantly reminding an individual what is and is not appropriate for work? Chances are this individual is under-performing in your business and could be costing you and your business valuable time. Quality How good is the work that is being performed? Does it need several revisions before it is complete? In a sales environment, you may be measuring conversion rates to measure the quality of work output. No matter, tracking the quality of an employee’s work output is a great indicator for measuring employee performance. Subordination Are employees adherent to the policies you have in place? Any deviation from company policy may indicate an employee is not meeting his or her performance goals and those goals associated with your small business. Personal Habits This factor can vary from employee to employee. Such habits could include gossiping, personal computer use (social networks, email, shopping etc.), frequent breaks, or unruly behavior to coworkers. Such poor habits can deter from optimal work performance. To deter from such behavior, be clear up front on which personal habits are NOT permitted while on the clock. There are a number of factors to measure when determining whether or not your employees are performing at an optimal level. The key is to regularly take notes throughout the year, so you can keep tabs on work output and effectively take action where needed. What factors do you consider most important for measuring employee performance? Sound off below on which methods you find most effective!