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Select Labs Automates Time and Attendance with WaspTime

select-labs-automates-banner When the medical practitioners of North and South Carolina need laboratory diagnostics, they often turn to the blood and urine analysis services of Select Labs. Despite the advanced technology Select Labs used to ensure the accuracy of its analysis, it struggled with its monthly payroll services. With over 150 employees, the company needed a better way to manage its employee tracking and overtime.

Finger Pointing, Mistakes, and Dishonesty

Select Labs found itself amidst chaos during every payroll period. The manual system used by Select Labs to manage its payroll services relied upon accurate, timely, and honest entries on behalf of all employees. Many employees would enter their time at the last minute, often leading to mistakes. An automated system was needed to ensure the accuracy of all records.   Though Select Labs used ADT, a third-party payroll system, they still needed to report employee hours. The paper-based time cards and punch clock used to track employee hours as well as overtime were simply not working. More importantly, the time constraints put a significant burden on Toni Seawell, the Vice President of HR. Every month, Seawell would collect employee time cards as the employees completed them and then submit those calculated hours in time to run payroll. This left her absolutely no flexibility; should a family emergency erupt or technical issues, she still needed to get the payroll in on time. Before implementing the WaspTime solution, four business days were allocated to payroll every month.

The Biometric Time and Attendance Solution

iStock_000010353204An automated system was the ideal solution for an advanced laboratory such as Select Labs. Fingerprint scanning was explored as a method because it was convenient and simple. There were no identification cards to be lost and there was no capacity for error – employees simply scanned themselves in and out and their hours were automatically tracked. Ultimately, biometric scanners were also more cost-effective because actual cards would need to be created and replaced as they were lost or as new employees were hired. Cards would also have significant administrative burden because they would need to be monitored and deactivated when lost or when employees separated from the company. Implementing WaspTime was a simple solution to a complex problem that could be easily integrated into the company's already existing services. 

WaspTime Lowered Costs and Increased Productivity

WaspTime was successful so quickly that it was immediately integrated into both Select Labs’ offices. With the WaspTime automated solution, their payroll is completed 70 percent faster than before and with complete accuracy. Even better, anyone can use the system because it doesn't rely on a single person to compile reports and manage payments. The system can handle the entire time and attendance procedure in a single, automated program and the entirety of the monthly payroll is completed in a single day. WaspTime can be easily integrated into a wide variety of systems, including biometric scanning solutions and traditional card solutions. Through WaspTime, companies such as Select Labs can successfully automate their time and attendance solutions to increase productivity and reduce administrative burden.