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If time is money, why am I always a dollar short?

I peer up from my “smartphone” to see four little eyeballs intently staring back at me. January is national get organized month, and - fittingly - the focus is a fresh start.  This year, I can’t help but think how I’m tired of retracing the same steps I seemingly took at this same time last year. I look over at a mound of paper on the desk and wonder where to start.  I need to organize my life, but first I need to walk my dogs. Just how SMART are we? News coming out of this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlights the year’s top tech trends.  One smartphone app instantly interacts with television content - using image recognition to create augmented reality – so users may instantly learn more and act on their viewing experience.  Technology makes our lives so accessible that we now have more time. More time for….more technology? As I read on, something stopped me in my tracks. HP’s Chief Technologist recently said this:  “We don’t call a road sign augmented reality, but it is. In the same way, computer mediated AR will be as seamless to our lives—we won’t recognise [sic] that it is there.” The Consumption of Convenience The notion that our understanding of reality exists not in a silo, but in real time, is an extremely powerful concept. We are on a continuum of technological innovation, and our willingness to adopt -or resist it- is entirely relative to our current state of “reality.” Perhaps this is why some of us are completely satisfied with using excel to audit inventory, and why some of us have forged on to newer, automated realities. “Augmented,” if you will. Technology is efficient and time-saving only when it meets the needs of the continuum it is called to serve. Find a system that you like to use to get organized, and sooner or later you won’t remember what you did without it. Wasp products are easy to use and simple enough to save time, but they won’t save time unless you find them seamless to incorporate and easy to use. The lesson is this: organization is personal. When you are evaluating the conveniences you consume, consider which ones are worth your time. That’s the only way it will ever add up. Read more:   Time Management Read more:   Business Organization – inventory solutions